Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January 18, 2012

I'm freezing again. It is 35F, much 'warmer' than yesterday morning, but it feels just as cold.
I'm a bit disappointed in the internet 'blackout' as I really expected more of the 'big' sites to do 'something'. Google was the biggest disappointment. If they had done it right (not just blacking out their logo!,) they would have shut everything down (search, blog, email, etc.) It would definitely have angered people, but it also would have made more of an impact. True lack of access to something due to censorship is what is being protested, so really show people what it means ... oh, well.

Well, several senators and other politicians are starting to tweet that they will not vote for SOPA or PIPA, so that is good news. Maybe it is working!

And, it looks like the pipeline XL will not be getting the OK at this time. We will see!

I had every intention of working today ... but, didn't. I renewed my Barnes & Noble membership & bought two books for the newborn baby gift package. I bought some organic potting soil to start seeds & cabinet locks for all the floor-level kitchen cabinets. Tired of Ezra waking me up playing with the doors. He slams them really loudly! And, bought a light bulb for Betta's tank. He's been in the dark nearly a week. Have to figure out why his air pump/filter is not running since my mom messed with all the tanks. And, I stopped at Trader Joe's for a few things. Juiced lunch when I got home. After I'm done, I'm going out to put up the new seed bell I bought & fill the hummer feeder and fill the birdbath if there's still ice in it.

Oops. I just deleted some mail on accident. I'll have to troll through my GMail & see if there was anything important ... hmmmm. Haven't done that in a while (deleted without thinking ...)

Surprise visitor. Curtis came by to see if I'd help him with the rest of the furniture finally. Sorry, no. I have to work the next two days & don't want to risk hurting my back. So, hopefully, it won't rain this weekend & we'll get the last 2 big pieces. Two old wardrobes. We did go get the drawers and clothes out of them, though. I've started a load of wash.

Had to strip when I got home. I was wearing beige clothes & they got filthy. Got dust in my eyes, too.

Made almond milk, hummer nectar, got 2nd load in the wash, put up new seed bell, cleaned dog yard (got the other part of the pooper scooper out of the storage!), took out scraps to compost & I am tired! I wanted to get those cabinet doors locked today, but not going to happen ... going to catch up on Twitter now.

Oh, cool! I just sold a vintage VW manual! $15!

Ezra seems to like the way my mom moved the damn fish tanks. He has a spot to lay in front of Betta's tank.
In the Twitter #seedchat right now. I'm going to be starting some seeds this weekend in cardboard egg cartons. Can't wait! I bought some organic potting soil this morning.

Put in the third load of laundry.

Seedchat was interesting. It was nice to learn that Renee's Garden seeds that I have bought in some stores is a very good company. I still need to do an order from Landreth Seeds & possibly from SeedSavers Exchange soon.

New Criminal Minds in an hour! Yay!

Just paid my car registration online. Another $123 gone ... I dread next year. Will have to have another smog check.

Last load of wash in the dryer. So, all mine are caught up. Will start on Jeanne's clothes tomorrow & see which to keep, which to sell and the rest to go to GoodWill. She sure had a lot of clothes. I think this was the last of it, though. Unless there are more still stored at Curtis' house! That is the next project. Going through the 2 bedrooms and the loft at his place that are so stuffed you can't open the doors & help him get organized and get rid of more of Jeanne & Buddy's stuff. Maybe this summer. I know she had more craft stuff, books & puzzles that we will take. And, Curtis is giving us his huge hutch which I'll use to display my dolls.

Awww. That was a sweet ending on Criminial Minds tonight. Even some slash fodder.

Gotta buy a new air filter thingie for Betta. His bit the dust ... So, I'll have to go to the pet shop again tomorrow.

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