Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

It's 40F & very cloudy today. We are 'supposed' to have a week of rain. We'll see.

Yaaaay! Perry is dropping out of the Presidential race!!

Gotta go. Need to go to the PO to mail winnings/sales & get gas before I go to my store to service. Want to get home by 11 for the #herbchat, but don't think I will make it. Have to get some groceries, too ...

No rain yet, but it's looking like it will show up soon. Gotta get some lunch! Then start on all the laundry.

I missed the herbchat. :(

Finally got a load of laundry in. Had to go through all of the clothes to see what was worth cleaning. Several things went straight in the garbage. Why did she keep jeans falling apart at the seams ... Will be about 7 or 8 loads. I'll only get about half done tonight; the rest tomorrow afternoon. Will take the stuff we're not keeping to GoodWill next week.

Just took a pic of me. Haven't had my pic taken in years ... but, it was for Matthew Gray Gubler! hahahaha! Really. He asked on Twitter for pictures from those who bought his shirt. So, he gets a dorky picture of me ...
In BlytheRaw Tweetchat now.
Started laundry load #4 ...

Must make bone broth tomorrow. Getting too many bones stored in the freezer. Going to try to remember not to put any onions or garlic in it, so Nikky & Ez can have some of it.

Got a response from Gublerland for my photo! Nice. ;)
Rain's coming done pretty steadily. Supposed to get wind with it tomorrow. Oh, joy ... Rain I love. Wind. Not so much ...

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