Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2, 2012

I couldn't sleep. So, I've been awake for about 90 minutes ... Oh, well. Getting a very early start to my day.
Found this poem at RewardPort. No author credited.
"You Might Be
You might be a full-fledged mountain man,
Living each day without a written plan.

You might be someone who plays away
Each day without a single word to say.

You might be a solitary hidden gem,
Beneath the ground, away from mayhem.

You might be a lonely spirit feeling trapped;
Like a present waiting to be unwrapped.

You might be anything you want to be,
But if you don't try, life can be such misery."

Have a lot I want to get done today - bake cinnamon raisin bread; make a couple of cards (I can get to my craft table!); list at least one thing online; do a load of laundry (sheets!); clean another shelf in the doves' room; and some FlyLady Zone stuff - working in the entrys, porches and dining room this week! Oh, and walk with Nikky to the mailbox! Hope I can get to all of that on top of my usual exercises & such.

Interesting conversation trying to explain to my mom about the new pesticide with the Agent Orange ingredient that's been approved ...

Ugh. Why are we watching this channel's news! We usually watch KCRA3. Channel 13 is soooooo pro-Big Pharma, etc. My brain is bleeding from all the misinformation. Three or 4 stories in a row! Crazy minions.

I have 2 kid gifts to make this month. For a 11-year-old boy and a baby girl due at the end of the month. Want to get them done in the next week ... but have to decide what to make!! The baby will be easy, but not sure about the boy ... must go through my craft books soon.

Trying to get a CD burned, but don't think it 'took'. May have to start over ...

Well, got the shelf done, laundry is in the dryer, jumped on the trampoline, burned a CD, made some artwork, and going to the mailbox now. It's up to 45F. I think we'll survive. Going to put some clothes on Nikky, too.

Just got done reading my mail. Found a local craft/ceramic shop on Main Street in the local ad magazine that I want to check out. I also found a very reasonable community acupuncturist in Davis in the Food Co-op newsletter. I am thinking of checking it out sometime this month & find out if they accept Medicare, etc. for my mom. It is something for her to think about as we both want to find alternative care for the future. I will NOT go to an allopathic dr.

You can find pics of Nikky's jacket on my health & food blog. She loved her walk. We haven't done that for a while.

Downloading another CD to burn tomorrow. Like I don't have enough already on my computer and XHD that need to be burned ...

Finished making my bed, although I'm going to wash at least one of the blankets tomorrow. But, the sheets/pillowcases are clean. Also, got the bread started mixing in the machine. I think it's rising now. Need to gather up more stuff for GoodWill that is taking up space in the doves' room & put in the car to drop off tomorrow when I pay bills & get gas.

Got everything into the car. I did keep a few of Jeanne's nice clothes to sell online, though. And, got all the pins off the Lioness vest that she had collected. We were all in the Lioness club back in the '80s. She was President and Founder of the W. Sac. chapter. I was the chaplain, believe it or not!!! I also was the Founder & Editor of the club newsletter. I used to type them all up on my ancient Remington Rand manual typewriter. I still have them somewhere, I think.

Kids next door are driving me NUTS with that damn basketball! GRRRR. I need to work on my wireless, so I can go in the other room!

Finally, I have the wireless set up. Going to try to take the laptop to the doves' room now.
OMG! It works! Wow! This is a good N router. Will get my desktop in the bedroom hooked up tomorrow! Or, maybe even tonight! Works way better than my old G router.
Waiting for the oven to beep, so I can put the bread in.

I'm watching Bonanza! I think I'll be coming in here more often, especially when my mom watches the damn political crap & NCIS & Walker & JAG ad infinitum!

I need to get something listed this evening. I have 4 winnings from Listia to mail tomorrow.

Still need to make a couple of cards & go through a couple of craft books to get ideas on what to make the kids ... I'm pretty sure what I'm going to make for the baby. But, most 11-year-old boys aren't into crafty stuff as gifts ... hmmmm. I used to make Harry Potter scarves, but don't know if that is something he's into.

Damn. Downfall. Forgot power cord in the other room! Battery is down a bit already. But, sounds like the basketball and skateboard noises might be dying down. Bread is smelling soooo good.

OK. I think my yeast is dead. The bread didn't rise well ... and not cooking well ...

OMG. That bread is good, even if it didn't rise much. Yum. I have made it MANY times in the past and it has risen really well, so it must be the yeast. Will have to get more. Recipe & pics on the food blog.

Want to make some Italian Herb bread later this week. One of my favorite recipes.

Yay! I just won a pamphlet with Southwestern cross-stitch patterns. First thing I've won today & I've bid on several things!

And, I won another! Country-style plastic canvas patterns!

Finally. New Rosie shows are back. Two-plus weeks of reruns got a little annoying for a show that hasn't been on too long, yet.

Soooo, I didn't get anything listed today. I didn't make any cards ... have to get those done tomorrow. But, most of the day will be paying bills and grocery shopping at stores I don't want to go to. My mom was whining because she wants to go to CostCo and Grocery Outlet ... ugh. Nothing there for me to eat or anything. Blech.

Huh. I won another auction. I thought I was outbid on it earlier ... weird. But, it is 3 more plastic canvas pattern booklets.

I hope I get this next thing I am bidding on. It will be part of the baby's gift if I receive in time to make it.

Yay! I won a diaper bag kit to make. One gift down (after I receive it and make it, of course!)
My strawberry incense is done burning. Gotta clean up the ashes.
Going to watch my Highlander Bloopers finally, then to bed.

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