Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21, 2012

I'm already tired, but too much to get done today. Doves and their room are done. Next will be starting some bone broth & get some almonds soaking for milk. Really need to get the sewing machine checked and working (I think my mom messed up the bobbin.) Have to get the diaper bag made this weekend. Then, hope to get the cabinet locks installed. After that - seeds!

Oh, great. Now the MPAA & friends have commercials on the TV about stopping online piracy! Ugh! I didn't hear the whole thing, but I know it is trying to get the general public in their corner! I bet Dodd is behind it (he's just as bad or maybe worse than Mr. Ratings {Jack Valenti} was.)

Huh. Nothing wrong with the sewing machine! I don't know what her problem was. Working fine for me ...

Need to get a bandaid back on my finger. I have an annoying crack beside my nail. Soaked it in tea tree oil earlier. Will do again.

Need to make some juice for lunch before I start sewing. This day is flying by!

We have blue skies right now. Would have been a nice day to move furniture, but it's probably very muddy around the old truck they are stored in. Supposed to rain again later. The wind has really come up, though. It's 55F.

OMG! A diabetes cookbook commercial with nothing but sweets & high carbs highlighted! Ugh!

Well, I got 3 cabinet doors done. But, this darn finger is really hindering me! Five more doors to do. I'll try to get them done tomorrow.

Going to track down all the seeds now.

I planted a bunch of seeds.

Ugh. Half-way through making the diaper bag. I'm stumped on one line of the instructions. Too tired to decipher it. Will finish it tomorrow.

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