Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January 25, 2012

Did I miss Glee last night? There were no tweets about it ... hmmm. Did it get pre-empted due to SOTU? Ah, well. New Criminal Minds and CSI tonight!

Ick. Just discovered that I don't like Almond milk yogurt. Too sweet and the texture is not good.

Had to request another refund of credits on Listia for some craft patterns I never received! Just got them back. Getting a lot of bad listers on there lately ...

Have a load of laundry almost done. Sorted my vitamin containers. Had a good lunch when I got home. Got a bunch of exercises done. And, my lettuce sprouts are really growing. A couple of pepper seeds have almost broken through the dirt, too. Still at 'dirt-level' like yesterday, but might make it above the dirt-line soon.

Busy night for tweetchats! Rosechat was at 5, seedchat started at 6. Good info!

Aw. Crap. Twitter failed, so the tweetchat failed. :(

Listening to the original Sweeney Todd with Angela Landsbury & George Hearn. This was the first Broadway show I ever watched all the way through on PBS many years ago - 1982. It's on TCM. Won't see all of it, though, as Criminal Minds & CSI are on in a bit.

Martin is working on his deck at this hour! Bang, bang, bang ...
Oh, wow! Another ep of CM!

Damn. Getting a headache in the right side of my head. Very rare for me to hurt there. Hope it doesn't last.

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