Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 26, 2012

Woke up & couldn't go back to sleep. Still have that headache that started last night. Annoying me!

Decided not to work today, but still have to go to the store for a few things.

Need to work online, too. I'm going to go through my affiliate site and start working on that stuff again. I've really lost ground with that. Need to start making more money online.

Just ordered some more Seagate Olive Leaf Nasal Spray on eBay. Paid a couple of bills online, too.

Love willow bark and feverfew. Headache is about gone.

About to go to the store, PO, get gas & drop off all those clothes in the car to GoodWill.

I decided not to get gas today. I have enough to last through next week. Got everything else done and home in time for the herbchat! Need to start a load of laundry, then mix some dough for tortillas after the chat. Still need to get to my exercises, too.

Gah! I hate when people use gifs for their icon/avatar. Very distracting in the chat ...

Got the air filter changed in the car; put the new registration sticker on the license plate & checked all the fluid levels. Added more windshield washer. I need to get more power steering fluid, it is a bit low. Hope Curtis comes over soon to change the spark plugs ...
Cleaned the dog yard; fed the wild birds fresh seed.

Now to get more purses listed and also get some affilitate ads going.

Started tortilla dough in the breadmaker. My mom wants to make tortillas. She hasn't used the press yet & wants to try it.

I ended up tossing more purses. They had some kind of funky stuff on them. Like a black mold. Have 3 nice ones that didn't have anything icky on them. Listing them now.

I finally got my Pinterest account: Still figuring things out there.

Vintage Clemente Snakeskin Handbag - 1970s - Like New - Handbags & Bags via at QuinGem's Bonanza shop

Now I'm getting a stress headache. My mom is pissing me off greatly ...

Dinner was yum!

Auction: Vintage Clutch Purse - 1970s

Vintage Black Leather Clutch Purse with Wrist Strap - 1980s - Handbags & Bags at QuinGem's Bonanza shop
Time for the eathealthy Twitter chat with BlytheRawLive!

Got some great ideas from the chat tonight for healthy snacks. Hope to be trying some soon and sharing the recipes on the food blog.

I got my Pinterest site arranged. Going to add some pics tomorrow, I think. Then, roam around the other Boards there.

My mom has a dr. appt. tomorrow at 8:15! Way too early to go out ... It is the make-up appt. for the one she walked out on a couple MONTHS ago. Hopefully, will be her last visit to the clinic. She wants to get her records from them ... along with the lab results they were supposed to give that last time. Then, we will be going to WalMart pharmacy & hopefully pick up her last pills (they are 3 month prescriptions.)

Well, didn't get any affiliate work done or exercises ... for another day ...

Going to read some fic & then go to bed and work on crosswords for a bit.

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