Friday, January 27, 2012

January 27, 2012

Been up for an hour. Gotta leave in about 20 minutes for my mom's appt. & sit in the cold car. Taking my book with me. And, my jacket & gloves. Hope it doesn't take long & she doesn't walk out again ...

Well, my mom's appt. this morning was fairly painless, apparently. Other than trying to add more Rx to my mom! I refused 2 of them at the pharmacy (a nasal allergy spray that she used to take that didn't do anything & ear wax cleaner!) But, her Atenolol (for HBP) dosage has been cut in half!! YAY!! Also, she was told that exactly 1 year ago she was 228 lbs. Today, she is 191 lbs.!!!!!! That is a 37 lb. loss or a bit over 3 lbs./month! Her blood glucose has recently gone down to the 110-115 range (from the 150-170 range.) She eats better, she feels better, she exercises more, she is slowly cutting down on all Rx. She will be 72 in March. It is never too late to take control of your health away from the mindless allopathic drones!

Vacuumed the area around the dinner table & got a load of laundry done.


I just had to use Inger's newest freebie & make something. Of course, when I saw the lady had wings, I had to add Castiel to the layout! Hope you all like.
I just signed up for a free composting class in April! Space is limited, so waiting to find out if I was accepted. It is sponsored by the local food bank. Oh, and a Spring Gardening class in March. Signed up for that, too!

Wow. They are also sponsoring a free breakfast 'Pig Day' at the Davis Farmer's Market in March. I'm taking my mom for her birthday if the weather is good!

I love Twitter. Glad I started following them!

ARRGGHH! The basketball players are out ... thump, thump, thump ... grrr.

I plan on baking tomorrow, but can't decide what I want to bake. I am nearly out of flour, so can't make Italian Herb Bread or Cinnamon Raisin Bread like I want to ... Will have to be something that doesn't take a lot ... won't be able to get more until next week.

OMG! I found so many things I want to make this weekend! And, I have enough flour to make them! Coconut Macaroons, for sure. And, maybe some donut muffins! Haven't made donuts in ages, so this will fit the bill. Also, an apple/cranberry dish and a chicken dish for dinner ... mmmmm. Is it tomorrow, yet?

Oh, forgot to mention earlier - I have another garlic coming up! That's 5, so far! And, they are out on the deck. So, the cold weather is not bothering them (even the freezing temps we had.) I have 5 green onions doing well by the sink. Pineapple ... not so good ... And, of course, the lettuce seedlings in my bedroom are doing great now! Hope some of the other seeds start peeking through the dirt soon.

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