Saturday, January 28, 2012

January 28, 2012

Can't seem to get in gear this morning. So much to do, though. Need to mail a Listia winning, clean the doves and their room, laundry, bake, maybe plant something ... must get moving!

Went to the PO, the mailbox (more paperwork for work ...), cleaned the doves & their room (the vacuuming takes forever picking up all those seeds!), fed the wild birds & hummers & started a load of laundry. Now, to wait for my mom to do the dishes so I can start cooking!

Going to get one of my laptop bags set up for work. I should have done it earlier in the month. I normally just take my clipboard, pen, store folder with paperwork, duster, gloves & folding footstool into my stores. And, all my extra pegs & other things for my displays are in the trunk of my car. But, when the weather warms up, I will be using my car less, so will need to be able to carry other things into the stores with me. Plus, some of my paperwork, I want to start using my Sony eReader & download the pdf files to it rather than wasting paper & especially ink. Many of the projects are only for a couple of stores & then the paperwork is tossed. Such a waste. So, trying to be a bit more paperless!

Seriously ... how long does it take to wash a small amount of dishes!!

Mmmmmm. Donut muffins ... goooood. And, juice!
Now, I need to get Nikky's bed remade since the laundry is done. Then ... need to get some things listed and get part of dinner figured out.

Read The Cat Manual by Michael Ray Taylor. Funny. Snag it while it's still free!

Auction: Make Your Juicer Your Drug Store by Dr. L. Newman - used

Bummer. Strawesome does not take PayPal. I was going to get a glass straw from her. Will have to wait ...

Ha! Found one on eBay! Should arrive next week!

Well, the bell peppers still haven't broken all the way through the soil. But! The Chantenay Carrots are well on their way. I may have to transplant the Lettuce Mix in the next day or 2. They are nearly 2 inches tall & starting to fall over. I think they need even more light than what they are getting.

And, I finally made an order from I need another nut milk bag & mesh bags are always useful. So I got a set.

Had to download Calibre again. I couldn't find it on my computer. I must have deleted it at some point. Odd. Anyway. I am converting a bunch of Agatha Christie & Alfred Hitchcock ebooks that came as .mobi files, which I can't use. Making them .pdf files and adding them to my eReader. Getting a bunch of ebooks off of the computer.

I have so many damn books and magazines on this computer!

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