Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

I woke up to 3 complaints/problems this morning. Ugh. TV wouldn't work (wrong button was pushed), smoke alarm in my mom's room beeping for a low battery, and we're out of honey.
But, I won a nice Southwestern-design vest overnight on Listia!
Ugh. What an annoying morning. Got gas, mailed auction winnings, dropped off a car trunk-load of stuff to GoodWill, went to bank, paid bills, went to Grocery Outlet & spent $100 on crap. No money left to buy good stuff ... and still need all the basics - milk, bread, butter, cheese, eggs, honey ... have to do some creative things with my money this week so the car insurance withdrawal doesn't bounce, too ... hmmm.

Now to figure out what to have for lunch ... ha!

Finally getting my exercises in since I didn't do them this morning.
Need to find some batteries around here to put in my mom's smoke alarm. Didn't have money to get any today.

Listened to this on David Wolfe's website while I had lunch. Interesting stuff. Only about 12 minutes long: https://www.longevitywarehouse.com/Articles.asp?ID=350

Oh, this is a must-see! Love Charlotte Gerson http://rawyouth.tumblr.com/post/15251488794 Amazing historical health stuff. About 48 minutes.

I must replace my juicer!!!

Looks like I won't be getting much done today. I just don't have any incentive this afternoon. Just doing lots of emails, reading tweets and articles ... lazy.

Been hunting for juicers and comparing prices, etc. Might be able to get one for less than $40 w/shipping! Just deciding which one ...

I found one juicing book on PaperBack Swap, too. It's on the way. I wish I could find my Jay Kordich Juiceman book. I saw it when we got everything out of storage, but I can't remember where I put the darn thing!

Yay! I got a Jack LaLanne juicer for $39.46 on eBay! Can't wait to get it! Using my nutmilk bag to juice is not very effective and it's waaay too messy for me!

Just bought a cool outdoor toy for the boy I wanted to get a gift for. Hope it gets here quickly so I have time to mail it out!

Have several more things I am trying to win for the baby to go with the other thing I won for her.

Yes, those 2 sentences were very cryptic ...

Well, I got my work folders out for tomorrow. Going to service all 3 of my Staples stores. Should be home by 1. If its a nice day outside again (it got to 64F today!) I hope to get some yard work done.

I'm looking through some of my craft books to get ideas on making some cards this week. Need to make 4 or 5 ...

Happily, the boys next door didn't play ball for too long today, so didn't get annoyed!

I discovered last night that my desktop monitor has failed (it had been giving me problems ...) So, next weekend, I'm going to work on getting my PC to TV thingie attached and see if I can use my old TV as the monitor for a while. Maybe I can get a new monitor in a few months. I also want to gut the computer & upgrade it if Steve will help me. I hate tossing a perfectly good computer again just because it can't be updated or things are no longer compatible. It has great storage and memory on it.

Guess what? I was wrong about the boys next door. They are out again, playing in the dark. I'm taking my laptop to my room now. It's warmer in there anyway ...

I forgot about my laundry in the washer. So, just started the dryer. Will warm my room up a bit since it is right across the hall. It is nice in my bedroom. Have my electric blanket on and Criminal Minds marathon on the TV! Nikky is not sure what to think about going to the bedroom, but not to her bed! Just discovered that she has almost chewed through my laptop power cord! Going to do a search on a new one. And, will have to figure a way to block all the cords under my desk!

Well, heck. Rosie is on & I don't have a digital box on this TV ... oh, well. Will have to watch clips on her website tomorrow.

I gotta say ... I love Wireless N!!!

Nikky wants up on my bed, but she's not allowed ...

Oh, I found this really cute craft I'm GOING to make tomorrow for a friend. I bought the stuff for it last year & then didn't make it! It should only take a couple of hours. Although, I do still have to buy a small wooden stand for it. I may stop at GoodWill or the other thrift store in town to see if they have one, as I will be painting it. Hmmmm. If it turns out as I hope, I will be making more of them.

Wow! That was quick and easy to find the right laptop cord! Only $7.20 on eBay & free shipping. On its way!
OK, I've spent enough today. Thank goodness for PayPal/BillMeLater!

Can't wait until new Glee episodes come back ... same old reruns tonight ... turning it back to Criminal Minds marathon.

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