Monday, January 30, 2012

January 30, 2012

Blah. I didn't want to get up. Been awake since around 5 ... gotta work today.

Yay! I got in to both the composting & Spring gardening classes put on by the food bank!!

Work went well. My right thigh muscle is hurting today, though. Probably from lifting that wardrobe upright.

Must find food!


Auction: 11 Assorted Stamps - Used

So tired now. Finally got all the wardrobe drawers cleaned and back in the wardrobe. Moved it again, along with another 2 dressers to get things to fit the way my mom wanted in her room. Will start working on the cedar wardrobe cleaning & repair tomorrow. Won't be able to get it upright until Thursday as I have to move a bunch of stuff in my room to make space for it. Plus I want the glue to dry. I'll have to be very careful on it's old feet & wheels.

Also, just finished listening to one of the Winter of Wellness podcasts. Will listen to another tomorrow.

Eep! I almost forgot about the foodie chat & garden chat tonight! Damn. My mom is making dinner, so I'll be missing part of one of those ...

Ah, I'm gonna pass on the foodiechat. The theme tonight is eating out, which I don't do. So, I'll have time to eat before the gardenchat!

Gardenchat was kind of boring tonight. All about some upcoming gardening seminar of some sort.

I cannot find my incense cones ... I can't remember here I put them ... :(

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