Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Another day I got woke up around 5. I have got to get the rest of those kitchen cabinets locked ...

Decided not to work today, but have to get gas & go to the co-op for some things. Very foggy this morning.

I think I killed my lettuce mix seedlings ... :( but, I have lots of Chantenay carrots and some hibiscus tea seedlings coming up. Will have to re-do the lettuce mix.

Well, it's good I decided not to work today. One of the roads in Sacramento I have to use to get to one of my stores is closed for a SWAT stand-off right now! Eek!

Some days it really takes me far too long to go through my email, Twitter & G+ feeds and reading articles ... need to make almond milk, get the pulp in the dehydrator to make flour (new experiment) & then make some juice for lunch before starting on the wardrobe cleaning and repair.

Making a yummy juice for lunch! Will be on the food blog later. I'm loving using fresh mint in stuff.

I was thrilled to find that the co-op is now carrying Organic Pastures butter! Now that I won't buy Organic Valley due to their falling into the GMO quagmire, this was perfect timing (and actually more local, too! Organic Valley is in WI.; Organic Pastures is in Fresno, CA.) AND, they are totally RAW with only ONE ingredient! Raw cream! Yum!

Gotta put the laundry in the dryer & start on the wardrobe ...

Got most of the wardrobe cleaned (except the inside and the side it is laying on.) It is such a pretty cedar piece. Repaired the feet. Couldn't fix one of the wheels as I don't have a vise to hold it still, so it is kind of crooked. Have one of the feet wrapped with a bungee cord until the glue dries. Will upright it tomorrow.

I won a 3-pack of handkerchiefs on Listia. Yay! Some of mine are getting worn out.

Finally (after having it more than 3 years in a drawer!!!) have started filling my MP3 player with music. I'm going to start taking it with me to work. I can keep it in my pocket as the earbud wire is long enough. I've actually always used the earbuds with my laptop! And, I use it's USB cord to charge & transfer on my eReader! But, they are versatile! Listening to Company with John Barrowman right now.

Am sad. I think the place next door finally sold. And, there are kids ... ugh! I'm surrounded!!!

Wow! There is a high-speed chase going on in Sacramento with a 12-foot box truck. It started in West Sacramento on Highway 80, then went southbound I-5 and is right now in Elk Grove. Started about an hour ago. Lots of cop cars following. No accidents yet. Rush hour on the freeway. So dangerous.

Still watching the pursuit. They are almost to the Galt & Lodi areas!

Oh, boy! More cops joining the chase now. And, LiveCopter 3 is going to have to stop soon due to fuel getting low! Nooooo! I want to see the end of it! hahahaha! Lost the live feed. Is sad ... will have to watch the 10pm news to see what happened. Oh, wait! It's back & they are going through Thornton! Looks like 10 cop cars following now. The chopper is just going to continue following & gas up down at Stockton airport. This is crazy. We never have pursuits like this around here.

Damn! The new Michael Jackson ep of Glee is on tonight. Glad I follow Chris Colfer on Twitter or I would have forgotten!

Finally! The truck was stopped in Stockton! He'd actually gotten just south of Stockton & then did a u-turn & headed back up I-5! Finally, got him with spike strips in a safe area. He went several miles on rims before he couldn't go any further that way. Crazy people. How they think they will get away with police and news choppers following their every move & reporting it to the cops on the ground!

Getting ready for Glee now.

I made the mistake of doing an upgrade on the MP3 player & it wiped out several of the original folders & the .pdf manual! Ugh! Have to search their website & see if I can download it there.

Damn. Kevin McHale is cute without glasses.

Found the video converter & the manual for the MP3 player & downloaded them to keep on the computer. Got about 30 albums moved onto the player. Still have tons of room on it! It holds 2GB. Music, movies and text files. Also has radio access. Doubt I'll ever use that part. Wish it could do .pdf files without being hooked up to the computer, though. If it did, I could just use it for my work files instead of the eReader. Oh, well.

Oh, one of my favorite Michael songs, Ben ... beautiful song (too bad people always associate it with killer rats & their psychopathic human, Willard.)

Still can't find my incense cones ...
Can't believe it is already February tomorrow ...

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