Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January 4, 2012

Yay! Michelle Bachmann has suspended her campaign. One homo-phobic bitch down!
Gotta work today ... 3 Staples stores with regular service/no projects.
Gotta get some exercises in now.

I really gotta look closely at the garbage disposal to see if I can fix it. Need to find the wrench thingie that goes to it. We just have way too much food waste to compost well right now. I have 3 compost bins going and no progress that I can see yet ... Luckily, there is no smell, though.

OMG! I want to see this movie:

Disneynature's film, opening in April, will help Dr. Jane Goodall save chimps with a portion of first week ticket sales. 

Yay! Matthew Gray Gubler is shipping the Gubler Flu shirts out today. I should have mine in a few days! And, there will be random doodles included. Hahaha!
matthew gray gubler
9 of which have been stuck to my face
matthew gray gubler
115 random doodles for 115 random people
matthew gray gubler
shipping shirts

Received the Allergy Buster spray (the capsaicin/nettle spray) that I bought last week on eBay. Love this stuff.

Spent a couple of hours outside, pulling weeds. Martin came by & paid me $80! He just owes another $80 & the truck will be paid for! Putting that in the bank first thing in the morning, so the car ins. withdrawal payment won't bounce on Friday! Yay! And, I'll be able to get a few more groceries that I can actually eat!

I am upping my Vitamin D3 to 10,000IU starting today. I am so glad I found the sub-lingual drops! That is one thing that I can say good about Grocery Outlet. The Naturalist is a fairly good line of vitamins & herbs. I got sub-lingual D3 and B12, which I had been looking for before.

I just won a saw miter on Listia! Yay. Need it for whenever I get around to making the baseboards & ceiling molding for my bathroom. Hmmm. I'll be able to use it for woodcrafts/frames, too ... very useful. I have several saws that were Papa's that are still in good shape for being 50+ years old.

Oh, wonderful ... NCIS ... just kill me now ...

Dinner is smelling sooo good.

I found my Juiceman book. Yay! On the shelf with my records ... hmmm.

Ugh, noisy skateboarding and basketball again. I need earplugs that actually work. Anyone know a good brand ...

Yay! I won a cute cloth diaper to go with the diaper bag!
Damn. Got outbid on another one.

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