Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2012

I won a 4 GB memory stick on Listia. Yay.

Just got home from servicing 2 stores. Tiring day. Went to the bank and put in that cash I got yesterday. Didn't go to the Co-op, though. Need to find something to eat & then go out & do some yard work. Really nice outside.

Just came in from weeding. It's 65F out there again. In January. Yeah, there's no global warming ... suuuuure.

Now, to figure out why I can't get my external hard drive to turn on the past few days. I'm sure Ezra unplugged something ... or my mom did in her constant furniture moving ...
Fixed it. Power box was partly unplugged from the cord.

Huh. Two cars at the empty trailer next door. Had someone stop and ask me if it was for sale while I was out there weeding earlier, too. I don't know. Makes me think it is finally being advertised somewhere for people to be checking it out after all these months of being empty.

There's a tweetchat with @BlytheRawLive tonight at 5:30pmPST. New chats for the new year (they are every Thursday at the same time) & the show starts up again on 1/13 at noon on Ustream. #eathealthy is the hashtag to put on the TweetChat field if you ever want to join in. Fun!

Well, it looks like the finches that I could not figure out are Chipping Sparrows. Although the description does not mention that their rusty cap can crest ... Everything else is the same as my birds.

OK. I made this image a few days ago and forgot to share it, I think. So, here it is. I've made Incredimail stationery with it. And, now, I'm trying to get into my Printfection shop (which I haven't touched in probably 2 or 3 years!) to put it on some stuff to sell. I'm hoping by the end of this year to get this shop going well. I pretty much have abandoned my CafePress shop since I hardly make anything there even though I do sell a lot. I won't be adding any new images there. CP changed the way they pay, so the percentage on each sale is paltry, at best. But, I am going to work on my Printfection shop and possibly my Spreadshirt shop this year. You can see what I have at the Printfection shop here:
I'll be updating some of the images that are already there & removing a couple of crappy ones! I also be adding my most popular sellers from CafePress, like my Chimpanzee Hug.

My mom started dinner late again. I'm going to be late for the Tweetchat!

I'm annoyed about one of the auctions I won last Friday. The one for the Sandisk memory card. I still haven't heard from the seller! I hate lack of communication from a buyer or a seller. I always let people know when I am going to mail anything, etc. That's part of the business. If I don't get it or hear from him by Saturday, I'm contacting Listia for a refund of my credits.

Wow. The chat was fun! Lots of good ideas. I have GOT to make chia pudding tomorrow!

It's bedtime, but Nikky, Ezra & I are at the races! Such fun. Sounds like a herd of elephants running across the house. Back and forth about 50 times. I'm worn out just watching them and egging them on! They should sleep well tonight!

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