Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Woke up at 4 and couldn't go back to sleep. Come out here to find my mom already up and NCIS on. UGH!

I hope the juicer arrives soon. I really want to start juicing again ... I'm drooling over Juiceman's recipes.

Much colder this morning. It's gone down to 31F. Sitting here in my electric lap blanket. My toes are cold. Hope it warms up enough to work in the yard later. Supposed to be windy tomorrow.

So annoyed about the CD I burned the other day. Whatever format it decided to burn in won't work in the car CD player. And, I already deleted it off the computer! Will have to find it again somewhere to make another copy ... oh, well.

Yet another reason not to trust Facebook:

Really need to go to the Co-op this morning. Out of a few things. Also, need to get some decent batteries that will last more than a couple of months for the smoke detectors ...

I have both of the sites pulled up (Printfection & Spreadshirt) so I will work on them. I'm going to work on the prices of the existing products and streamline them both.

My mom is giving me a stomach ache yelling at Ezra getting on the kitchen counter and appliances that she is rearranging yet again ... I keep telling her he'll get on them no matter where she puts them.

About time for chat for the BlytheRawLive show. It's actually a rerun. New shows start next week. But, chat is fun.
I'm going to make an apple/clementine smoothie later for lunch.
I went to the co-op earlier & forgot to get butter! Don't think we have enough to last until Monday ... oh, well. I also stopped at the Grocery Outlet in Davis (never been to that one; it is very different than the ones here & in W. Sac. It is small & they have a LOT of organics!) I bought my mom a pot of blooming pink tulips and batteries for the smoke alarm. Then went next door to the Dollar Tree & bought a couple more gifts for the 11-year-old & the new baby to go with what I've won/bought already.

And, uh, yeah ... still have cards to make and mail ...

Smoothie turned out great.
Load of laundry in the dryer.
Listening to this interesting lecture about Ancestral/Paleo diets:

Been working on my pricelist for Printfection. Decided against going forward on Spreadshirt. I forgot they charge for additional colors on images!

Sloooooowly adding new products to the store. Then, I'll set all the prices in there. Maybe I'll be able to add new images tomorrow or Sunday.

Aw, hell. Their beta thing to add new products sucks. I have to go in and adjust each image on the product. Oh, well. I'll do it as I do the prices.

Got the first section done! It's just my logo.

And, a quote from Stargate:

Will do more tomorrow!

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