Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 7, 2012

Wow. It sure is windy this morning! And, feels a LOT colder than 52F!

Going to work on my shop again today. Felt really good to get it going again & hope to start getting sales when I start really advertising things!

I wish the doves would clean their own cage ...

I need to make toothpaste this morning. All out.

Done with the birds, vacuuming their room and exercising!
Now, to work on the website! Adding Chimpanzee Hug first! My best seller, along with Panda With Bamboo over at CafePress!

Ugh. This wind is awful. And, stirring up Alder pollen. I'm actually having a runny nose. First allergy symptoms I've had in quite a while! Need more olive leaf spray soon. Better see if I can get any more on eBay ... Yep. It's on its way, now!

Chimpanzee Hug is live!

Gotta get some lunch before I do more.

OMG! I actually just got a payment from CafePress. First one in about 4 months, at least. A paltry $37 ... I was making hundreds a year until they changed the way they pay their commission ... grrr. Well, I can pay some on my Bill Me Later account with that!

Back to listing!

OMG! My mom is using the dumbbells after using the exercycle! Shocked!

She just told me she did the trampoline and the ab-doer, too! Yay!

Well, getting cards made this week was a huge fail! :( Must work on accomplishing things like that!

Got Panda With Bamboo updated!
I also decided on one product I won't carry. The aluminum bottle. They should offer stainless steel bottles for us to carry.

Working on Sunshiny Day next. Might be tomorrow before I get to that. Have to catch up on some other things around here first.

Hah! I turned the TV to the Magnificent Seven movie. Sooooooo sick of listening to damn Walker ALL damn day.When she comes back in the room, I bet she asks, "You turned off my Walker?"

I ended up doing Sunshiny Day, after all:

Cool. A bunch of Charlie Chaplin movies on TCM. I love silent movies!

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