Monday, January 9, 2012

January 9, 2012

I don't want to be up ... but, have to work with Viola today. Projects ...

Sad thing ... can't read my own writing on my desk calendar. Birthday present needed for 18-year-old, not 11-year-old ... need to figure out another present ... gah! But, have 11-year-old presents set for March! Might have to cave and get a gift card, but I hate giving impersonal things like that ...

Need food. Have to leave in an hour ...

My right eye has been itching since last night. There is something in there irritating it & I can't seem to flush it out!

So tired. Reset was very easy, though! I am going to do my other 2 by myself. I am helping another rep on Tues. & Friday with hers', though. More money!

Beautiful outside. Going out now to clean the dog yard, refill the hummer feeder & birdbath & pull up the old tomato plants and turn the soil in those bins.

I got strafed by hummingbirds! ;) They thought I should feed them before I dealt with the tomato plants, I guess!

Before the freeze hit, there were still a LOT of big tomatoes on the middle plant. I put all of them in the compost. Who knows, they might sprout some day!

My eye is STILL itching. It's like I have a dirt clod in there! Ow.

Hmmm. Adding milk to hot tea is not bad. First time I've tried it. Still learning a lot about teas.

Joined in on the Twitter #gardenchat tonight. That is one busy chat! I couldn't keep up! And, it wasn't even a topic I was interested in that much ... next week is on composting, so definitely have it on my calendar to join in.

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