Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February 1, 2012

8:30 am
Well, can't find the volume control area in the settings of the MP3 player. Should be fine for the day, though.

Can't believe it is already February ...

Rained overnight.

New neighbors are moving more stuff in this morning.

It's been a long-ass day! I serviced 2 stores in Sacramento. Seemed like I was going slow-motion! And, the traffic over there was awful! I didn't get home until 2; did my paperwork; went through some email & G+ stream. Then finished cleaning the inside & out and getting the wardrobe upright. Will repair the back wall tomorrow. I am too tired to do anything else.

My mom said the new neighbors almost took out their carport today trying to back their U-Haul truck under it! Was too tall! Wish I'd seen that! I don't know how that thing is still standing. The young couple that lived there for a few months before it went empty for so long seemed to back their tiny car into the posts on a weekly schedule!

I think I killed my carrots along with the lettuce now ... :( Will have to rethink starting seeds inside like this. Did so much better last year when I just started them in the bins when the weather warmed up a bit.

This is the story on that high-speed chase I watched last night:

Looks like the new neighbors are already getting stuff for some remodeling - baseboards and moldings, anyway.

I had so many Tweets to catch up on (almost 300) that I missed most of the rose chat.

I think seed chat is going to be a bit boring. It's about soil blocks ... oh, well, I might learn something.

Yeah, the more I learn from the chats & from reading articles, the more I'm liking just direct sowing my seeds like I have in the past. I was just hoping to get a bit of a headstart if I started the seeds indoors. But, if I keep killing them in the little pots (egg carton), it's not helping ... oh, well. I will continue with the seeds already planted & see if any survive, but no big deal if they don't. I'll just direct sow the rest.

Ooh. But, I did find out the time for the #hobbyfarm Twitterchat. Thurs. at 6PST, right before BlytheRaw's #eathealthy Twitterchat. These Twitterchats are taking over my life! haha!

My bad shoulder is bothering me. Lifting and moving the heavy furniture is irritating it, I guess.

OK. My goal for tonight is to find my damn incense cones! I know I have some in new unopened packs somewhere that I bought at the co-op.

Got my nails clipped today and Ezra's; still have to do Nikky's.

Didn't get the fish filters changed, so will have to do tomorrow.

The MP3 player really works out well while I am working. I no longer have to listen to the grating pharmacy people pushing their drugs, etc.! Yay!

Finally! Found the incense! Two new boxes! Going to burn some vanilla sandalwood tonight.
Well, how cool is that. There is a tiny ceramic burner inside each box! Me likes! I can use them for spices when I'm cooking. Looks like it will hold a teaspoonful. Hmmm. Or, I can use one to hold the used matches after I light the cone (I use several antique brass burners for the cones.)

Great. Martin is starting in on his deck building again. Late. Dark ... He doesn't work, so why not do this during the day!

Mmm. Smells good in here.

Need some tea now.

Criminal Minds is a rerun tonight ... I'll still watch it, though. CSI is, too ... bummer.

Listening to another Winter of Wellness podcast.

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