Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15, 2012

OK. So, I haven't felt like blogging for several days. Had an aura from hell for about 5 days and then the migraine hit like a bus on Sunday & didn't really leave until yesterday. Soooo ... I'm gonna catch up a bit now.

OMG! I made my first sale from my old Printfection shop that I recently started updating and advertising! I made $20 on one sale (a sweatshirt)! Yay! That compared to 2 sales I made this morning from my CafePress shop and only made $3.50 (a t-shirt & a teddy bear)! It's the kind of money I USED to make on CafePress before they changed everything to Marketplace sales and barely 10% commission! Must work on more updates & designs!!

Got some nice thank you cards the other day from Darla's oldest kids for the gifts I sent them. That was a nice surprise!

I am kind of thrilled to say that I am now down to 125 lbs.!!!! I lost 7 lbs. the past 5 weeks. I have 6 lbs. to go to be the weight I was for nearly 30 years until I tore my shoulder out. I'm on track to do it this summer, as planned!

The wind is terrible today. Thought I'd be blown away! We have a bunch of doves, finches/sparrows & a jay hanging out on our deck trying to stay out of the wind. The new neighbors cut back all their little bushes along the back fence where the finches lived. :( I don't have any good bushes for them yet.

Must go do some exercises. I've been slacking while my head rebelled.

Ah, #seedchat at 6 tonight on TweetChat.

I'm getting annoyed. I'm trying to get an email out of my GMail account to download to my computer again (I deleted it from my Incredimail earlier & should not have ...) So, I moved it from the AllMail folder back to the Inbox at GMail about 20 minutes ago. It never moved. So, I marked it as Unread. Still just sits there mocking me!

Well, I had to forward it to myself!

Wow! My mom's blood sugar was in the 70s this morning. WooHoo! And, of course, she's been so brainwashed by the allopathic quacks at the clinic, she was worried about it! Ugh. It is slightly low. But, the goal is to stay in the 80s. This is great since she had been in the 150s for the past few years. The past few months, she'd progressed down to the 110s. So, this is quite an accomplishment for her. She stopped the statin drug last month & the quack actually cut her bp meds in half! So, hopefully, soon! She will stop the rest of the drugs. She will be 72 in 2 weeks. She exercises almost daily (exercycle, trampoline, resistance rings, abdoer); has cut out most sugars & grains and is eating more fruits, veggies, meats & fats. We buy no boxed, bagged, packaged, over-processed foods. Only real, whole local foods. She has lost 40 lbs. in the past year. She feels better than she has in years.
It's never too late to take control of your health.

The wind advisory was supposed to let up at 4! It is still very windy and cold out there. Hate wind.

My mom is making tortilla pizzas for dinner.

Oh, man. That was a good dinner.

Chat time!

The seed chat was great! I am definitely going to try Winter Sowing in the future. I think I will do much better than Indoor Sowing. That was a big fail. It is too dry and too dark in here for that.

New episode of Criminal Minds tonight. Too bad about Paget Brewster leaving the show again ...
New episode of CSI, too. Elizabeth Shue joins the show. She's a good actress. Hope the character is good.

Join me on!

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