Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012

It's been a nice day, so far. Got one of my stores serviced fairly quickly. Stopped at Grocery Outlet beforehand to get more Vitamin D3 & B12 drops, melatonin & A&H laundry detergent. Got home halfway through the herbchat. At least I got a bit of time in there and some good info about companion planting. Tonight is the hobbyfarm chat & then BlytheRaw's eathealthy chat.

Got a load of laundry in the dryer. And, washed my bathroom sink, toilet & window.

The wind has died down pretty well, so I should go out and do some work in the yard for a bit. I'll get some exercises in first, though.

I have a blister on my finger from weeding. Bah! And, got dust in my eyes. A bit breezier than I would have liked out there.

Sold 2 books today! WooHoo!

Ugh! I can't find one of them in this mess! It's in here. I just have to unearth it ...

Got both books packaged & ready to mail tomorrow. Just in time for the chats to start!

The hobby farm chat was kind of a dud. Lots of people having problems with the new Twitter layout, I guess.

Well, the eathealthy chat was fun!

I think I'm going to take my laptop to bed. Feel like laying down in my pillows and reading some fanfic. Nothing really good on TV tonight.

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