Friday, February 17, 2012

February 17, 2012

Gotta go to the PO, then to OSH. Getting some plastic containers for .74c each (OSH member special) to put some of this crap in so I can better organize my office space. Hopefully ... going to get 10 of them. And, a 6-pack of annuals for $2.09.

Wow. I was gone longer than planned! Got some pretty violas & bellis to plant in the hangers on the deck. A couple of clay pots for the mint & parsley. And, 10 containers. Also, made a home insurance payment. Broke again! Need to get lunch & try to watch BlytheRawLive. Then, will do some work outside. Nice day today. No wind!

BlytheRaw was so good today & the film streamed today, so I could watch it all! Lots of great info about plastic & a great film called Plastic Paradise about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and how it is affecting the Midway Islands and the Pacific Ocean.

I am so thrilled that so many states are passing marriage equality! Maryland just passed a bill minutes ago. But, stupid NJ gov vetoed that state's about an hour before that ... jerk.
And, the DOJ has said they will no longer support the denial of military benefits to gay partners! Yay! I have quite a few friends who left the military due to DADT. This has been a long time coming. Too bad benefits couldn't be retroactive.

I got all the plants on the deck trimmed of old leaves and pulled up all the dead stuff. Ready for some planting tomorrow. If it doesn't rain, I might pull the big shopvac out of the shed and vacuum the deck, too.

The clouds have moved in since I came in.

Got one box filled with all my little plastic ziploc bags that I'll be using for my jewelry sales & other small stuff. Filled another with small pieces of bubble wrap and my pack of tissue paper. Emptied out a drawer that I put all my cardstock into. Will do more organizing tomorrow.

I am beyond stuffed. Tamales & beans. All organic from the co-op.

Chris Colfer's movie Struck by Lightning is finally going to be released! Check it out:

I actually stopped at Home Depot today, too. Didn't buy anything. But, I did find sliding glass door rollers that might work for me (so I don't have to replace the whole damn door.) $14 each. Hope to get that in the next week or two. It'll be $30 or so with tax to replace both at once. Only one is broken completely, but it's only a matter of time for the other to go! I'll also price the gasket in case I damage it when I take the bottom frame off the glass. It might be an all day project! I'm so tired of not being able to use that door the past 5 months.

Got my new registration paper on the mobile home that I paid last month in the mail. Good for another year.

I'm not renewing my Pando Pro or my Club Pogo again. I never use them ... and I'm going to be closing my old Stargate website soon. Just got the bill for that. I haven't updated it in probably five years. Wasting my money ...
Watching A Shot In The Dark. Inspector Clouseau. Love the Pink Panther movies.

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