Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

Been awake since before 5; been up for a few hours. But, I don't feel tired.
Just got a great link on Twitter: Going to read through it later and figure out how to participate. I get quite a few different birds here and pass a lot on my drives.

Doves are cleaned, exercised, fed & their room vacuumed. Outside birds are fed. Fish are fed & tanks filled.
Load of laundry is in the dryer.

It is cold outside. For me, anyway. It's only 54F right now. I doubt it will make it into the 60s as the weatherman predicted. I did get the parsley & mint transplanted to bigger pots. But, I may wait and plant the flowers tomorrow.

I am worn out. But, I no longer have any excuses not to do any crafts. My table is clear & there is room for my chair.

Oh, now the sun is coming out! Figures! I'm too tired to go outside & plant the flowers ...

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