Thursday, February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012

Where did all this wind come from. I didn't see it in the forecast! Ugh.

Got a load of laundry started. Now, Nikky & I are going to walk to the mailbox.

Well, the wind was too chilly, so we went in the car! So lazy! But, she enjoyed it. Then Styx & Puppy had to come and greet her (quite loudly) when we got out of the car. Styx tried to follow us up the steps!

Wow! I got my glass straw from & my sprouting seeds from Dollar Seed that I just ordered a few days ago. Fast shipping from both companies!

Just bought some acerola powder on Bonanza (was cheaper than the same brand on eBay) as my co-op still is not carrying it!

Have a couple of label auctions ending. Need to get some more things added online today. But, first to start moving some things around in my bedroom before I finish fixing the back wall of the wardrobe. Will be doing that after lunch. Don't want to miss the #herbchat. It's all about lavender today & things to do with it. And, I have lots of that!

Well, that #herbchat was fun. Lots of ideas for using lavender in cooking, etc.

Got the eggshells powdered in the blender. Made about 1/4 cup for the doves & the outside birds. Will all be used on Saturday. Got another batch of almond pulp made into flour. Have another batch in the dehydrator to make into flour tomorrow. Will be making more almond milk in a few minutes. Waiting for my grilled cheese to finish cooking.

Have the space cleared in my bedroom for the wardrobe. Cleaned the wall it will be against with Murphy's Oil Soap. Will be gluing all the slats in place after I make the milk. Need to look through a couple of bins as I am missing one or 2 slats that I know I brought home.

Yay! I figured out how to do 5 trays of almond pulp in the dehydrator. I only have 1 solid tray insert that came with it. So, I traced it & cut out parchment paper for the other trays!

Yay! I won a vintage Watkins Cookbook and Medical Advisor from 1914 on Listia!

Yay! The wardrobe is finally in my room! Waiting for some of the glue to dry on the back wall before I start putting things in it and on it. Have to get my room straightened up a bit or Nikky won't be able to get to her bed!

Why is Visa following me on Twitter? Weird.

Well, I got the bedroom a bit neater! I'm too tired to do much more today.
Still a lot more I need to do, but that's it for today. At least I can walk around in there & Nikky can get to her bed.

This #hobbyfarm chat is fun!

The #eathealthy chat was enjoyable, too. Got some new snack ideas to try in the future.

Just downloaded a couple of free ebooks. One is the sequel of sorts to Shane & Trey that I read the other day.

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