Tuesday, February 21, 2012

February 21, 2012

Another quick and easy work day. Serviced a store in Sacramento. Then went across the street to a Trader Joe's & bought a lemon thyme. Need to buy a bigger pot for it Thursday.

Going to clean up the driveway today when I'm done eating my almond butter and jelly sandwich. It's a mess with all the dead leaves that have blown under the carport the past few months. Also need to clean the dryer vent area.

Got my daily load of laundry going.

Ugh. I am exhausted. I cleaned the driveway/carport & weeded the area. Lots of sweeping, too. Looks much neater &a it's easier to get in/out of the car now. Tomorrow I will be cleaning out the crap under the carport stairs. I think there is part of an old antenna under there from previous owners. I'll give it to neighbor Kelly for scrap metal if he wants it. Then I can fit my other ladder under there. If I'm not too tired after that, I'll ream out the dryer duct, too. Didn't get to that today.

We got to 70F today. Nice! But, now my feet are cold. Need socks.

Oh, man! The new #growyourown Twitter chat was fun tonight. It's run by the gal that runs the BlytheRawLive chats, Aarica. Lots of good info on growing your own food. Tonight was the first chat.

Watching Criminal Minds & then Glee & then Criminal Minds. Good TV.

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