Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

We have a darn wind advisory today. North wind. Hate wind! Hope it dies down by the time I get home from work so I can work outside & get the carport stairs cleaned out!

Great. I have to spend my morning dealing with the bank. I have a overdraft because I got double-charged on a withdrawal! Not happy! Luckily, I still have the original receipt. They better reverse the charges!

Well, I now need to start figuring out how to move our direct deposits to one of my other banks. I'm not liking some of USBank's new overdraft policies. They wanted to give me the run-around & put it on the store. Well, I am never going to see $60 in OD fees. But, I went to the store & they refunded me the $7.51 that caused the problem ... ugh. Not happy.
I got one of my store's serviced, though. Just finished my paperwork & lunch. Going out to work in the carport now. It's 70F!

Well, that didn't take too long! Found a cool old folding metal rake that I'm keeping. The rest is scrap. Got both the extension ladder and folding ladder under the steps. Then, I tied up one of the lavender bushes that fell over last year. I had tied the other up, but never got to the second one! Now they are both upright. I feel like I have cobwebs in my hair ...

Going to research some books and pamphlets to list online now.

Downloading an updated version of my codecs in hopes that it will help me with my streaming video problem. It was just a problem on the UStream site, but now it is starting to affect all videos. Tried watching some Criminal Minds & CSI & Glee clips the past 2 days and the audio is great but the video is jumpy and like stop-action animation! Very frustrating.

Shoot! I forgot I was going to make sun tea! Gotta get to it! It is 74F right now!

Damn. Can't seem to get an uncorrupted download of the codecs mega pack!

Still haven't been able to download new codecs ...
But, I did win a gardening book in the Twitter #seedchat!!! And, I received the alfalfa compost tea (3 bags!!) today that I won on #superseedsunday earlier in the month!! Love these chats!

Well, it's almost 8 & I finally got the new codecs installed. So, need to reboot. I'm closing up now to watch Criminal Minds & CSI.

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