Friday, February 24, 2012

February 23, 2012

Home in time for BlytheRawLive at noon!
Got one store serviced. Came home and cleaned the dog yard, watered the plants in that yard, filled the hummingbird feeder & checked around for any wind damage. There was none, luckily.
And, my mom just informed me she has a dr. appt. on Wed. that I didn't know about ... hmmm.

So, I got the 3 18-gallon bins down in the dog yard topped off with fresh soil. And, I dumped the seeds in one of them that I had been trying to sprout indoors with no luck. So, if they grow great. If not, oh well. I have plenty more! Also watered all the plants on the deck. I also fertilized the herbs and the blueberry bush.

It is so nice outside. I'm going out to read for a bit. It is 71F and NO wind!

I've been going through profiles on hundreds of G+ers tonight. I've had so many people Circle me the past couple of days, it's ridiculous. I have over 500 people who have circled me recently! No way I can Circle them all back!

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