Friday, February 3, 2012

February 3, 2012

Francisco (Frank) Moreno was born on this day in 1893, in Malaga, Spain. He died 76 years later. I still miss him.

Got the bills paid for another month! Although, I could only do partial payments on the cable & PG&E bills until I get my oil check or I wouldn't be able to go shopping for food tomorrow! PG&E bill was ridiculous last month ... nearly $300! Ugh. I hate gas ...

Just found this out and am happy for the clarification as I was going to stop shopping at Whole Foods!

Need to make more flour from the pulp I dehydrated last night. Then put the last of the pulp in to dehydrate. I'm almost caught up!

And, making carrot/pear/apple juice for lunch before BlytheRawLive starts at noon.

Is sad. Couldn't stay for BlytheRawLive. It wasn't streaming right for me & the chat kept stalling & bumping me out. I even changed browsers. Was missing too much, so got frustrated. Will just have to watch their recorded vid later. Bummer.

Sooooo lazy today. I haven't done much of anything other than make almond flour.

Damn. I wanted to get 2 screens and 2 roll-up trays to add to my dehydrator. They are cheaper on the Nesco website, but they don't take PayPal! Will have to wait a couple of weeks. Bummer.

Just won a macrame pattern for a doll swing on Listia.

I should get some sprouts started ... but I don't feel like it right now ...

Listening to more Winter of Wellness podcasts. I'm only 4 sessions behind now.

Just finished reading St-st-stuffed by Anyta Sunday. Good story. It's sort of a sequal to Shane & Trey. Hope she writes more in this 'universe' in the future.

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