Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 5, 2012

Been awake a few hours. Finally got up at 7. My mom is still in her room. Lazy day, I guess. Doves are sure talkative this morning, though.

This afternoon there's a 2-hour garden chat on Twitter #supersowsunday for those not into the Super Bowl. I'm going to try to do the whole 2 hours, but might not. I want to get some things listed and get some advertising and website work done today. Want to get some baking in, too, but don't think I will ...

My eye has been itching for hours. I think it is the damn birch pollen that just started showing up on my allergy alerts the past few days. We'll see if it clears up soon.

Going to make a chocolate chia pudding later. Will be on the food blog.

Made the address labels for a Listia winner to mail off tomorrow. I made an envelope to mail them in. I'm out of that size & probably won't be buying any more. So, will be making them from now on. Actually, that might be what I do today. Re-do my template as it is getting pretty nicked up. Need to make it out of posterboard. Then make a few more envelopes.

It's so nice out. I should take Nikky for a walk to the mailbox, but probably won't ... blah.

My eye is still itching. My mom finally got up. Now, she is watering the plants and will probably overflow them & I'll have to sop it up from the rug in many places ... :( she never pays attention. Just pours.

Got to get in gear! I don't want to!!

OK. Not going for a walk. The wind is too chilly. My eye is still itching. I'm too lazy today ... ugh.

Finally. My mom is done in the kitchen so I can get more dehydrating done and start some sprouts & make more almond milk.

Got the milk done; made more flour; have more almond pulp and eggshells in the dehydrator. Now waiting for the dates to soak for the chia pudding. Will start seeds after lunch.

Got the dog yard cleaned. And, got some sprouts started ... mache salad greens. Might start some other seeds tomorrow. Going to go through all my templates and posterboard, etc. & get some envelope templates made and re-made. I really need to get back into the crafting, etc. And, making envelopes, card sets & letter sets is cheap.

OK. I thought this was kind of funny after I transferred these pictures to the computer. I hadn't realized when I took them that there was a Foster Grant commercial on the TV in the background. It's almost like Nikky was trying to get me to look! (I work for Foster Grant!) Anyway, I was taking a pic of Nikky on her favorite perch. The back of the couch in front of my office area. She can watch me while I sew (the sewing machine is covered so Ezra - the kitten - won't steal my thread!) or play on the computer!

Found a bunch of old manila folders that I am using to make sturdy envelope templates. Working out great! Have about 5 different sizes/styles I am making right now. I have a huge box of 9x12, so won't need to make any of those for a while. After I cut these templates, I need to make some adjustments for bubble mailer templates. That is going to be interesting. Haven't made those before, but have tons of bubble wrap to make them. I hope to never have to buy envelopes again.

Got my 'paperwork' transferred to my eReader for work tomorrow. Need to add some more music to the MP3 player now.

Waiting for #supersowsunday chat to start. I'm tearing up old magazines & catalogs for images to make envelopes. Going to be listing most of these on Listia in the future. Making themed sets. First up will be Healthy Women. Have a bunch of sporty/healthy lady images from title nine and other catalogs that I get as mailings that I get paid for. Better than just throwing them away!

Wow! I won a 3-pack of manure tea for my plants in the #supersowsunday chat!!

Martin started working on his deck again an hour ago. Please stop now!!!

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