Thursday, February 9, 2012

February 9, 2012

Still feeling a bit sick. Did not want to get up. Got up at 7 to let Nikky out and then laid down again for an hour.

I just bought these free ebooks:
25 Quick & Easy Low Carb Breakfast Recipes: Delicious Food That Helps You Stick to Your Diet (Quick and Easy Low Carb)

The Ultimate Coconut Book

Civil War Era Recipes

It's been a fairly crap day. So much I want to do, but just don't feel like it! Kind of an odd statement, I know. But, I can't get to a lot of my craft stuff still until I move all this other crap out of the way & can't do that until the hutch moves in as it will all get off the floor & be put into that. Frustrating having to wait for other people to do stuff! I'm thinking tomorrow, I'm going to have to bring in one of the bins from outside, clean it out and just put all this stuff in that & put it in my closet out of the way.

At least I got a load of laundry done and made some juice for lunch. Haven't done any exercises in two days ... Nikky keeps trying to get me to do the trampoline ...

My almond flour recipe was a featured (front page) article on the Blythe Raw Live Daily today.

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