Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30, 2012

June is almost over already! Where did it go!?
I just got back from the egg farm. Bought 2 dozen eggs, 1 gallon of raw milk, 1 quart of colostrum & 1 whole chicken. Good eats!
And, I received my Matthew Gray Gubler limited edition t-shirt in the mail!

This day has been an annoying bust!!!!!! I did not get the tub conversion done. I can't get the old parts off! They are so rusted/corroded, plus I can't get the right pipe replacement thingies. When I did all the bathroom sinks after we moved in, I didn't have this much trouble! Plus, I had much more room to work. The under-tub access is tiny. So, I put everything back together & told my mom she has to wait until I can get the plumber to come next month some time. I'm done with the damn thing. Now, I have to take a bunch of pipe parts back to OSH tomorrow. I'm not going there again today ... Plus, I have so many cuts on my fingers from the metal pipe threads ... ouch. Feel like I'm getting poked by metal shavings.

Had bacon and scrambled eggs for lunch.

Too late & too warm to get started on any outside work today ... bummed.

Going to rub coconut oil on my hands, that should help.

Leg of lamb for dinner. And, my mom made a little coconut flour mini-cake out of leftover crepe batter that didn't work out. She didn't want to waste it, so this was the result. It was sooo good. She covered the top in cinnamon and a little honey. Mmmmmm.

Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

Wow. Didn't realize it had been nearly a week since I posted one of my boring blogs.
Been a busy work week. But, off today. Only working Monday next week, then have a week off. Yay! Hope to get some things done around here. Will be (hopefully) working on my mom's tub/shower conversion tomorrow.
Today, I'm waiting for my egg farmer to get back to me. Missed him yesterday and this morning! I need milk, eggs and colostrum! Don't want to make another trip out if they aren't home.
Either Sunday or Tuesday, I'll be getting the panels to fence one side of the yard. Probably Tuesday. I'll have more money, plus I have a coupon that will save me about $20, I think. I'll most likely use Sunday to dig up the weeds along the fenceline. I'll be getting the fence for the other side of the yard later in July.

Raspberries & creme fraiche for lunch again. With sun tea.

I sure do know that I am definitely sensitive to grains/sugars now. Having essentially eliminated such things the past few months, I risked eating 2 shortbread cookies made of rice flour from the fruit stand yesterday. My stomach started bothering me last night and all this morning. Feel lousy. Also, have a headache. Hope my stomach settles soon.

I am soooo disappointed that the Supreme Court upheld the damn healthcare mandate yesterday. Totally sucks. They have set a legal precedent for requiring anyone to buy products or services that they don't want, need & most likely can't afford. The majority of people will never 'need' conventional healthcare, but that is all that will be covered by this 'insurance.' If you are into REAL health & want to use the services of an 'alternative' doctor, etc. it will not be covered at all. No herbalists, homeopathic doctors, etc. And, just so I won't be arrested and put in jail, I'll have to sign up for the local low-cost county clinic that my mom goes to. Since I make less than $10K/year, there is no way I can afford insurance of any kind that I have to pay for. I'd rather pay for good food & use my brain to stay healthy, rather than depend on some quack who knows nothing about prevention of diseases & only knows about treating symptoms by cutting or drugging people to death.

I've been looking into getting my safe fixed. It came with the house! It was open, on the closet floor. There is no key & I don't have the combo. I really want to be able to use it. Hope I can find a local locksmith that's reasonable or figure out how to replace the lock. It's very heavy duty. About 18" square. Very heavy.

This has been a totally wasted day, really. Still haven't heard from my farmer. So, will have to go get a bottle of Straus milk from the store if I don't hear from him by 3. My mom wants to make something for dinner that requires milk ...

Great. About 5 minutes after I left for the store to get milk, I got an email from my farmer that they were finally home! I'll go there in the morning ...

Well, my mom messed up what she had planned to make for dinner ... oh, well. She made pork burger patties and omelet instead. Yum! I put creme fraiche on mine! I think I'm addicted to it!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012

Didn't get up until 8 this morning. My mom decided to water the yard at 6:30! The pipes make a howling noise! I don't normally get up until 7. So, I was too annoyed to get up. I would still be in bed, but poor Nikky needed to go out.
And, now she has the washer running. So much for starting to work on her bathroom at 9, as planned ... she hasn't even washed the dishes ...
Guess I will walk Nikky to the mailbox.

Not much mail, but Nikky had a good run in the grass by the mailboxes. She's worn out!

Loud neighbors are laying their new sod in their backyard. At least these people are taking care of the yard unlike the previous owners/renters. Just wish they weren't so noisy.

Maybe I won't be working on the damn tub today ... getting tired of waiting for the water use to stop ...

Baked eggs and bacon with cheese melted on top for lunch. With some sun tea. Need to make more sun tea.

Made this earlier today for a silly birthday gift.
 Cleaned my air filter/ionizer and changed the hepa filter. Really needed it! Also, signed up at the maker's website for email reminders to change the filter! Don't know why I never did before.

Decision made. Tub won't get done today. Will do it Friday or Saturday.
Going out to work in the yard and then read.

An hour of working in the yard, then an hour to finish reading Supernatural:Nevermore (that was good!) & work on a couple of crossword puzzles. Would have been relaxing except for the noisy neighbors! I really need to get my backyard finished, which is on the side with Martin's family. The noise level over there is much more predictable!
I'll be talking to Laura (park manager) tomorrow to let her know we'll be changing our fence soon and make sure if there are any rules about fences I need to know about before I start.

Having homemade Buffalo hot wings and homemade almond flour tortillas for dinner. With raw milk.
OMG! That was so good!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012

Having a yummy pork chop with bacon sprinkled with Mediterranean spices. And, berries with creme fraiche.
Spent the morning shopping for the parts to my mom's tub/shower and a few other things. Luckily, I had a 20% off 1 item coupon for OSH. So, I saved over $15 on the parts kit.
It's another lovely day! Will be cleaning the doves' cages, vacuuming their room & then go outside for some yard work & reading this afternoon. It's only 71F right now. Perfect.
When I was out and about, I passed by the fairgrounds & was unhappy to see a Monsanto ad on their digital billboard! I can't believe a county fairgrounds of the county seat of an agricultural county would be promoting that crap! I need to figure out who to complain to.

Got 2 loads of clothes done & starting the 3rd. I'll have the water off for an unknown amount of time tomorrow while working on the bathtub, so want to get caught up today.

Such a lovely day. Got everything done despite the noisy neighbors distracting me while I read. They tried backing a big trailer full of sod under their carport, but it was too big, so the truck is blocking the street ... idiots.

Love the daily pics/vids from Matthew Gray Gubler of the bird's nest in his yard: Hope he continues to share this.

Having broiled short ribs with beans for dinner.

Ugh. They are putting up a swing set in Martin's yard! I may need to go out and make sure it is not close to the fence line for when I get my fence going up. And, I hope they anchor it! The way Matthew & his friends are, they will easily tip it over.

Wow. Where has the time gone! I've been going through all of my cookbook ebooks finding some yummy recipes to try this week. Hope I get to them!

Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

Yay! Woke up to find that Matthew Gray Gubler has released his newest limited edition t-shirt creation. I now own one! ;)
I'm upset, though. I still can't watch video clips! Matthew has a vid of the baby birds in his yard & I can't see it!

Huh ... I just tried it in Internet Explorer and it worked! I hate IE, but none of the vids are working in Firefox. Hmmm. Will have to investigate further.

Just got back from the store. I had walked Nikky to the mailbox and was surprised to get a check from one of my online endeavors. So, got a few more groceries. Going to have a pork steak fried in bacon grease with Mediterranean spices for lunch with some raspberries, golden raspberries & blackberries in creme fraiche. Then will start working on my mom's bathroom. Also got a load of laundry done.

Done with the shower curtain rod. Used my new drill for the first time. Quick and easy. Next part of changing the faucet & pipes won't be, though ... Will do that tomorrow or Sunday. Here's a couple of pics of my efforts. The shower curtain was bought in 1980! Still going strong! ;) Once she decides what color she wants to paint (or to keep the same color, I'll be taking the rod down and painting it and the new holders to match.) That will be a while before I can afford to do that, though. It's way down the list right now.

Now, I need to pour the milk I got yesterday into the smaller bottles. Then will be making more eggshell grit in the dehydrator & blender. I'm going to spread some around my lettuce patch to hopefully deter snails.

Huh. It's raining! Did not know any was expected. But, it's nice out. Only 72F. Going to read Supernatural: Nevermore outside for a bit now since I got the milk & eggshells done. I'm on chapter 10. Might still be able to get in some yard work if the rain lets up.

Another relaxing day outside. Rain sprinkles off and on, but I was able to do some cleaning along the back fence behind the trailer and got all the plastic pots off the deck & put in the shed for an hour, then read for an hour.
Matthew Gray Gubler's t-shirt already sold out the limited run. Wow. Glad I was able to get one this morning!

Having ground lamb tacos (with homegrown lettuce & tomatoes) for dinner. And more berries & creme fraiche. And, raw milk. Yum.

I may have to try the Opera browser since I can't figure out what the problem is with Firefox not playing vids. I really don't want to go back to IE as I have never liked it and have bad memories of all the problems it used to give me before Firefox. And, I've tried Chrome & don't like it. Will decide one way or the other this weekend. I can't go without my little video clips!

I decided to download Opera now. Going to play around a bit with it after dinner.

Ok. Videos work on Opera ... took a while to open up, though ... So, it is definitely a Firefox issue that's causing my video problems.

Yay! I fixed my Firefox! The newest version of Adobe Flash is not compatible with it & it does something to the Real Player add-on. So, had to disable that. Now the vids are working again! So glad. I don't like the Opera browser! Uninstalling it now!

Watching season 1 eps of White Collar this evening. Such a good show.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21, 2012

It's summer! Bah!
But, we do have a nice Delta breeze going on, so the temps are supposed to be in the 80s today! I'm just going to service one store today & stop at the GoodWill in Dixon. Then, I'm heading out to the egg farm for a gallon of raw milk. Hope to get some yard work done today, too.
Then, I'll be putting up the shower curtain rod in my mom's bathroom. The first step in her mini-remodel. Tomorrow will get the faucet parts to put a shower head in her bathtub ... fun. Not.

Whew! Busy day. Stopped at the Co-op for a few groceries. I found a nice pair of pants and a shirt at the GoodWill. Got the store serviced. Paid my cable bill. Got my raw milk at the egg farm and got a head's up that another calf is due & they will sell me some colostrum next week! Same price as the milk! Can't wait!!

Had fresh blackberries and Bellwether Farms Creme Fraiche for lunch. YUM!

Going out to clean up the lettuce patch. There is a nice breeze & it's only 77F! Will probably read more of the Supernatural: Nevermore book for an hour on the porch after that.

Wow. That was fun and relaxing. And, I harvested 1 little potato, a bunch of tomatoes and lettuces to have with dinner. So, we'll be having salad with fried uncured chicken hot dogs (no bread), sauerkraut, and fried potato, onions & bell pepper strips, & a little seaweed.

Didn't get to putting up the shower curtain rod, but will do that in the morning.

I was going to listen to another Daniel Vitalis interview, but for some reason I can't see videos on the computer now! I've updated Firefox, Java, QuickTime & several other things and all I get is a gray box rather than a video! Will update codecs in a bit, even though I just updated those last month ... not sure what else to try ... I can still watch my own videos just fine on my Media Player. Just not those embedded on websites or via TwitVid. I even disabled some Firefox Add-ons/Plug-ins. Still nada.

Updated codecs and still no go on the vids ... sucks. Going to close up early to watch Saving Hope at 9. First time I'll catch it as it airs instead of on Hulu ...

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012

It's been a very long day for me. I didn't get home until 3, which is late in my world! ;)
It got to 98F today. Supposed to go down for the next few days. Yay!
I serviced 3 stores today. I made the mistake of buying something to eat for lunch at one of my stores. I was so disappointed when I read the sticker & saw all the crappy ingredients in the fresh deli foods. I bought 2 chicken wings and a cup of ambrosia. Why do they need HFCS in them, and all the other crap! Ugh.
I also stopped at the WEAVE thrift store on the way home. Found a cool reversible vest and a cute little mini blue splatter stoneware pitcher for my bathroom.
Listening to a new Daniel Vitalis interview:

Read this really nice interview with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka earlier:

Dinner was homemade tacos. Homemade tortillas (mix of almond flour and coconut flour,) ground lamb (with cayenne powder,) homegrown lettuce & tomatoes with shredded raw cheddar cheese. Yuuuummmmy!

Just started reading Supernatural: Nevermore by Keith R.A. DeCandido, outside in the sunshine. Got through 5 chapters in an hour. I'm going to collect all of them. I'm surprised there aren't too many of them. Chuck Shurely wrote way more! ;)

Going to close up early to watch Criminal Minds and CSI. I am so shocked that I rarely watch the actual TV any more ... boggles my mind ...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

Did some shopping today since I got my check finally! Bought a pair of black Levi's, a Supernatural book, crossword book, John Denver CD, canned air, black printer ink and a couple things to start the mini-remodel in my mom's bathroom.
Had dates with cream cheese & pecans for lunch.
Just made this grilled tomatoes artwork:

Now, I want to make some! But, I have no fresh basil or mozzarella! Might get some tomorrow after work.

Had scrambled eggs with turkey sausage patties for dinner.
Can't wait until the days start getting shorter again. Maybe the neighbor kids will go inside at a decent hour!

Just got a nice email from my manager & her manager thanking all us reps for doing so good at getting the WalMarts & Safeways done before the deadlines recently. Nice.

Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Drastic change in temps today. At least a 12 degree drop for the high. Nice.
Gotta work today ...
Called the oil company and they did have a computer glitch, but the checks have been mailed. So, should get it soon. Hope so. Need to pay my cable bill!

So, the big reset that was supposed to happen at one of my stores today didn't happen. So, I just did regular service on the displays as their manager said the resetters wouldn't be there until tonight - they were late ... easy day.
Having strawberry/apple fruit roll-ups for lunch. Not the best ...
Have to get my weekend sales packaged and mailed today. Need to print out the label and run to the post office.

Whew. Good workout. Rode my bike to the post office! Luckily, it's only 80F right now. Pretty day.
Making 2 jugs of sun tea. One is wild berries and the other is spicy vanilla rooibos.
Harvested 4 tomatoes and watered them & the lettuces and filled the birdbaths after I set the tea out.

Had leftover rotisseried rosemary chicken. Good stuff!

Finally unhooked my big hard drive from the big TV and moving lots of movie files out of my old hard drive and my laptop to make room on them. Lots of room! Maybe the laptop will start being fast again. It was nearly filled up!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17, 2012

Where has this day gone!?
Haven't accomplished much again today. Rode my bike to the mailbox and still no oil check ... Will have to call them tomorrow and find out why.
Got a load of wash done and cleaned the doves' cage, then vacuumed 3 rooms.  Filled up the outside feeders for the wild birds and also the hummingbird feeders. I promptly spilled one of them ... I didn't have the bottom screwed on all the way! With this heat, I have to refill them often, or the sugar starts to ferment.
Also, put out an old electric typewriter for the recycler. Today was metal things. Every couple of weeks we get a note saying what kind of things can be put out for recycling.
Had fried eggs and chicken pieces with cayenne pepper sprinkled on them for lunch.
For an afternoon snack (I don't get the munchies often anymore) I made chocolate-covered nuts - baker's chocolate melted with honey, cayenne pepper and pecans & cashews today.
Having rotisseried rosemary chicken for dinner.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

Well, it is going to be a record-breaker if the temps keep climbing. It hit 100F before 1pm and it is 102F now. The prediction is 108F ... Ugh.
I got 2 loads of laundry done this morning, but haven't done much since then!
I also walked to the mailbox. STILL waiting for my oil check! If it doesn't come this afternoon, I'll have to call on Monday. I got a big envelope of goodies from a swap, though.
I did get another piece of artwork done ... The roses are a pic of one of mine.
I might make something else later if I can find a pic that inspires me to play.
In the mean time, I might list a couple of things on Listia. Haven't added anything new there in a while.

103F ...

104F ...

For some bizarre reason the temp went back down to 103F. Still glad I'm indoors with the A/C on!
I made another wall of Matthew Bomer from the episode of Glee he was in. Very silly part.
104F again.
I'm bored now. I really should get some things listed online ... I have a stack of things right here on the desk next to the laptop ... next to the camera ... huh. And, there is a pile of stuff next to the desktop, 3 feet away ... I'm so lazy ... I should get one of the extra scanners down off the closet shelf to use, too ... wonder if one of them is compatible with this laptop ... hmmm ...
The Philippines just had a 6.1 earthquake ... :(

I had a yummy smoothie for lunch. Frozen banana, frozen strawberries, raw milk, maca powder & cacao nibs.

Will be having organic pork chop and one of my own-grown purple potatoes for dinner, with white peaches.

If you haven't seen the new show that Michael Shanks stars in, check it out on It's called Saving Hope. He's the best part of it. The rest of it is crap.

Hoping that John Barrowman's new show gets going soon. It's called Gilded Lilys. It's another night-time soap & his character is straight, but at least I'll get to see him on something new every week. Hopefully.

Cool. I made a sale from my Bonanza shop!

Temp topped out at 104F. Glad it didn't get to 108F. I think the breeze kept it down.

Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15, 2012

Can't believe it's been more than a month since I've been here! I've been so lazy about a lot of things.
But, today I made some artwork of Matt Bomer of White Collar! One of just Matt; the other is with his husband, Simon Halls and their 3 sons - Kit and the twins, Walker and Henry.