Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17, 2012

Where has this day gone!?
Haven't accomplished much again today. Rode my bike to the mailbox and still no oil check ... Will have to call them tomorrow and find out why.
Got a load of wash done and cleaned the doves' cage, then vacuumed 3 rooms.  Filled up the outside feeders for the wild birds and also the hummingbird feeders. I promptly spilled one of them ... I didn't have the bottom screwed on all the way! With this heat, I have to refill them often, or the sugar starts to ferment.
Also, put out an old electric typewriter for the recycler. Today was metal things. Every couple of weeks we get a note saying what kind of things can be put out for recycling.
Had fried eggs and chicken pieces with cayenne pepper sprinkled on them for lunch.
For an afternoon snack (I don't get the munchies often anymore) I made chocolate-covered nuts - baker's chocolate melted with honey, cayenne pepper and pecans & cashews today.
Having rotisseried rosemary chicken for dinner.

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