Saturday, June 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

Well, it is going to be a record-breaker if the temps keep climbing. It hit 100F before 1pm and it is 102F now. The prediction is 108F ... Ugh.
I got 2 loads of laundry done this morning, but haven't done much since then!
I also walked to the mailbox. STILL waiting for my oil check! If it doesn't come this afternoon, I'll have to call on Monday. I got a big envelope of goodies from a swap, though.
I did get another piece of artwork done ... The roses are a pic of one of mine.
I might make something else later if I can find a pic that inspires me to play.
In the mean time, I might list a couple of things on Listia. Haven't added anything new there in a while.

103F ...

104F ...

For some bizarre reason the temp went back down to 103F. Still glad I'm indoors with the A/C on!
I made another wall of Matthew Bomer from the episode of Glee he was in. Very silly part.
104F again.
I'm bored now. I really should get some things listed online ... I have a stack of things right here on the desk next to the laptop ... next to the camera ... huh. And, there is a pile of stuff next to the desktop, 3 feet away ... I'm so lazy ... I should get one of the extra scanners down off the closet shelf to use, too ... wonder if one of them is compatible with this laptop ... hmmm ...
The Philippines just had a 6.1 earthquake ... :(

I had a yummy smoothie for lunch. Frozen banana, frozen strawberries, raw milk, maca powder & cacao nibs.

Will be having organic pork chop and one of my own-grown purple potatoes for dinner, with white peaches.

If you haven't seen the new show that Michael Shanks stars in, check it out on It's called Saving Hope. He's the best part of it. The rest of it is crap.

Hoping that John Barrowman's new show gets going soon. It's called Gilded Lilys. It's another night-time soap & his character is straight, but at least I'll get to see him on something new every week. Hopefully.

Cool. I made a sale from my Bonanza shop!

Temp topped out at 104F. Glad it didn't get to 108F. I think the breeze kept it down.

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