Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

Drastic change in temps today. At least a 12 degree drop for the high. Nice.
Gotta work today ...
Called the oil company and they did have a computer glitch, but the checks have been mailed. So, should get it soon. Hope so. Need to pay my cable bill!

So, the big reset that was supposed to happen at one of my stores today didn't happen. So, I just did regular service on the displays as their manager said the resetters wouldn't be there until tonight - they were late ... easy day.
Having strawberry/apple fruit roll-ups for lunch. Not the best ...
Have to get my weekend sales packaged and mailed today. Need to print out the label and run to the post office.

Whew. Good workout. Rode my bike to the post office! Luckily, it's only 80F right now. Pretty day.
Making 2 jugs of sun tea. One is wild berries and the other is spicy vanilla rooibos.
Harvested 4 tomatoes and watered them & the lettuces and filled the birdbaths after I set the tea out.

Had leftover rotisseried rosemary chicken. Good stuff!

Finally unhooked my big hard drive from the big TV and moving lots of movie files out of my old hard drive and my laptop to make room on them. Lots of room! Maybe the laptop will start being fast again. It was nearly filled up!

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