Tuesday, June 19, 2012

June 19, 2012

Did some shopping today since I got my check finally! Bought a pair of black Levi's, a Supernatural book, crossword book, John Denver CD, canned air, black printer ink and a couple things to start the mini-remodel in my mom's bathroom.
Had dates with cream cheese & pecans for lunch.
Just made this grilled tomatoes artwork:

Now, I want to make some! But, I have no fresh basil or mozzarella! Might get some tomorrow after work.

Had scrambled eggs with turkey sausage patties for dinner.
Can't wait until the days start getting shorter again. Maybe the neighbor kids will go inside at a decent hour!

Just got a nice email from my manager & her manager thanking all us reps for doing so good at getting the WalMarts & Safeways done before the deadlines recently. Nice.

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