Thursday, June 21, 2012

June 21, 2012

It's summer! Bah!
But, we do have a nice Delta breeze going on, so the temps are supposed to be in the 80s today! I'm just going to service one store today & stop at the GoodWill in Dixon. Then, I'm heading out to the egg farm for a gallon of raw milk. Hope to get some yard work done today, too.
Then, I'll be putting up the shower curtain rod in my mom's bathroom. The first step in her mini-remodel. Tomorrow will get the faucet parts to put a shower head in her bathtub ... fun. Not.

Whew! Busy day. Stopped at the Co-op for a few groceries. I found a nice pair of pants and a shirt at the GoodWill. Got the store serviced. Paid my cable bill. Got my raw milk at the egg farm and got a head's up that another calf is due & they will sell me some colostrum next week! Same price as the milk! Can't wait!!

Had fresh blackberries and Bellwether Farms Creme Fraiche for lunch. YUM!

Going out to clean up the lettuce patch. There is a nice breeze & it's only 77F! Will probably read more of the Supernatural: Nevermore book for an hour on the porch after that.

Wow. That was fun and relaxing. And, I harvested 1 little potato, a bunch of tomatoes and lettuces to have with dinner. So, we'll be having salad with fried uncured chicken hot dogs (no bread), sauerkraut, and fried potato, onions & bell pepper strips, & a little seaweed.

Didn't get to putting up the shower curtain rod, but will do that in the morning.

I was going to listen to another Daniel Vitalis interview, but for some reason I can't see videos on the computer now! I've updated Firefox, Java, QuickTime & several other things and all I get is a gray box rather than a video! Will update codecs in a bit, even though I just updated those last month ... not sure what else to try ... I can still watch my own videos just fine on my Media Player. Just not those embedded on websites or via TwitVid. I even disabled some Firefox Add-ons/Plug-ins. Still nada.

Updated codecs and still no go on the vids ... sucks. Going to close up early to watch Saving Hope at 9. First time I'll catch it as it airs instead of on Hulu ...

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