Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22, 2012

Yay! Woke up to find that Matthew Gray Gubler has released his newest limited edition t-shirt creation. I now own one! ;)
I'm upset, though. I still can't watch video clips! Matthew has a vid of the baby birds in his yard & I can't see it!

Huh ... I just tried it in Internet Explorer and it worked! I hate IE, but none of the vids are working in Firefox. Hmmm. Will have to investigate further.

Just got back from the store. I had walked Nikky to the mailbox and was surprised to get a check from one of my online endeavors. So, got a few more groceries. Going to have a pork steak fried in bacon grease with Mediterranean spices for lunch with some raspberries, golden raspberries & blackberries in creme fraiche. Then will start working on my mom's bathroom. Also got a load of laundry done.

Done with the shower curtain rod. Used my new drill for the first time. Quick and easy. Next part of changing the faucet & pipes won't be, though ... Will do that tomorrow or Sunday. Here's a couple of pics of my efforts. The shower curtain was bought in 1980! Still going strong! ;) Once she decides what color she wants to paint (or to keep the same color, I'll be taking the rod down and painting it and the new holders to match.) That will be a while before I can afford to do that, though. It's way down the list right now.

Now, I need to pour the milk I got yesterday into the smaller bottles. Then will be making more eggshell grit in the dehydrator & blender. I'm going to spread some around my lettuce patch to hopefully deter snails.

Huh. It's raining! Did not know any was expected. But, it's nice out. Only 72F. Going to read Supernatural: Nevermore outside for a bit now since I got the milk & eggshells done. I'm on chapter 10. Might still be able to get in some yard work if the rain lets up.

Another relaxing day outside. Rain sprinkles off and on, but I was able to do some cleaning along the back fence behind the trailer and got all the plastic pots off the deck & put in the shed for an hour, then read for an hour.
Matthew Gray Gubler's t-shirt already sold out the limited run. Wow. Glad I was able to get one this morning!

Having ground lamb tacos (with homegrown lettuce & tomatoes) for dinner. And more berries & creme fraiche. And, raw milk. Yum.

I may have to try the Opera browser since I can't figure out what the problem is with Firefox not playing vids. I really don't want to go back to IE as I have never liked it and have bad memories of all the problems it used to give me before Firefox. And, I've tried Chrome & don't like it. Will decide one way or the other this weekend. I can't go without my little video clips!

I decided to download Opera now. Going to play around a bit with it after dinner.

Ok. Videos work on Opera ... took a while to open up, though ... So, it is definitely a Firefox issue that's causing my video problems.

Yay! I fixed my Firefox! The newest version of Adobe Flash is not compatible with it & it does something to the Real Player add-on. So, had to disable that. Now the vids are working again! So glad. I don't like the Opera browser! Uninstalling it now!

Watching season 1 eps of White Collar this evening. Such a good show.

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