Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 23, 2012

Having a yummy pork chop with bacon sprinkled with Mediterranean spices. And, berries with creme fraiche.
Spent the morning shopping for the parts to my mom's tub/shower and a few other things. Luckily, I had a 20% off 1 item coupon for OSH. So, I saved over $15 on the parts kit.
It's another lovely day! Will be cleaning the doves' cages, vacuuming their room & then go outside for some yard work & reading this afternoon. It's only 71F right now. Perfect.
When I was out and about, I passed by the fairgrounds & was unhappy to see a Monsanto ad on their digital billboard! I can't believe a county fairgrounds of the county seat of an agricultural county would be promoting that crap! I need to figure out who to complain to.

Got 2 loads of clothes done & starting the 3rd. I'll have the water off for an unknown amount of time tomorrow while working on the bathtub, so want to get caught up today.

Such a lovely day. Got everything done despite the noisy neighbors distracting me while I read. They tried backing a big trailer full of sod under their carport, but it was too big, so the truck is blocking the street ... idiots.

Love the daily pics/vids from Matthew Gray Gubler of the bird's nest in his yard: Hope he continues to share this.

Having broiled short ribs with beans for dinner.

Ugh. They are putting up a swing set in Martin's yard! I may need to go out and make sure it is not close to the fence line for when I get my fence going up. And, I hope they anchor it! The way Matthew & his friends are, they will easily tip it over.

Wow. Where has the time gone! I've been going through all of my cookbook ebooks finding some yummy recipes to try this week. Hope I get to them!

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