Sunday, June 24, 2012

June 24, 2012

Didn't get up until 8 this morning. My mom decided to water the yard at 6:30! The pipes make a howling noise! I don't normally get up until 7. So, I was too annoyed to get up. I would still be in bed, but poor Nikky needed to go out.
And, now she has the washer running. So much for starting to work on her bathroom at 9, as planned ... she hasn't even washed the dishes ...
Guess I will walk Nikky to the mailbox.

Not much mail, but Nikky had a good run in the grass by the mailboxes. She's worn out!

Loud neighbors are laying their new sod in their backyard. At least these people are taking care of the yard unlike the previous owners/renters. Just wish they weren't so noisy.

Maybe I won't be working on the damn tub today ... getting tired of waiting for the water use to stop ...

Baked eggs and bacon with cheese melted on top for lunch. With some sun tea. Need to make more sun tea.

Made this earlier today for a silly birthday gift.
 Cleaned my air filter/ionizer and changed the hepa filter. Really needed it! Also, signed up at the maker's website for email reminders to change the filter! Don't know why I never did before.

Decision made. Tub won't get done today. Will do it Friday or Saturday.
Going out to work in the yard and then read.

An hour of working in the yard, then an hour to finish reading Supernatural:Nevermore (that was good!) & work on a couple of crossword puzzles. Would have been relaxing except for the noisy neighbors! I really need to get my backyard finished, which is on the side with Martin's family. The noise level over there is much more predictable!
I'll be talking to Laura (park manager) tomorrow to let her know we'll be changing our fence soon and make sure if there are any rules about fences I need to know about before I start.

Having homemade Buffalo hot wings and homemade almond flour tortillas for dinner. With raw milk.
OMG! That was so good!

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