Friday, June 29, 2012

June 29, 2012

Wow. Didn't realize it had been nearly a week since I posted one of my boring blogs.
Been a busy work week. But, off today. Only working Monday next week, then have a week off. Yay! Hope to get some things done around here. Will be (hopefully) working on my mom's tub/shower conversion tomorrow.
Today, I'm waiting for my egg farmer to get back to me. Missed him yesterday and this morning! I need milk, eggs and colostrum! Don't want to make another trip out if they aren't home.
Either Sunday or Tuesday, I'll be getting the panels to fence one side of the yard. Probably Tuesday. I'll have more money, plus I have a coupon that will save me about $20, I think. I'll most likely use Sunday to dig up the weeds along the fenceline. I'll be getting the fence for the other side of the yard later in July.

Raspberries & creme fraiche for lunch again. With sun tea.

I sure do know that I am definitely sensitive to grains/sugars now. Having essentially eliminated such things the past few months, I risked eating 2 shortbread cookies made of rice flour from the fruit stand yesterday. My stomach started bothering me last night and all this morning. Feel lousy. Also, have a headache. Hope my stomach settles soon.

I am soooo disappointed that the Supreme Court upheld the damn healthcare mandate yesterday. Totally sucks. They have set a legal precedent for requiring anyone to buy products or services that they don't want, need & most likely can't afford. The majority of people will never 'need' conventional healthcare, but that is all that will be covered by this 'insurance.' If you are into REAL health & want to use the services of an 'alternative' doctor, etc. it will not be covered at all. No herbalists, homeopathic doctors, etc. And, just so I won't be arrested and put in jail, I'll have to sign up for the local low-cost county clinic that my mom goes to. Since I make less than $10K/year, there is no way I can afford insurance of any kind that I have to pay for. I'd rather pay for good food & use my brain to stay healthy, rather than depend on some quack who knows nothing about prevention of diseases & only knows about treating symptoms by cutting or drugging people to death.

I've been looking into getting my safe fixed. It came with the house! It was open, on the closet floor. There is no key & I don't have the combo. I really want to be able to use it. Hope I can find a local locksmith that's reasonable or figure out how to replace the lock. It's very heavy duty. About 18" square. Very heavy.

This has been a totally wasted day, really. Still haven't heard from my farmer. So, will have to go get a bottle of Straus milk from the store if I don't hear from him by 3. My mom wants to make something for dinner that requires milk ...

Great. About 5 minutes after I left for the store to get milk, I got an email from my farmer that they were finally home! I'll go there in the morning ...

Well, my mom messed up what she had planned to make for dinner ... oh, well. She made pork burger patties and omelet instead. Yum! I put creme fraiche on mine! I think I'm addicted to it!

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