Saturday, June 30, 2012

June 30, 2012

June is almost over already! Where did it go!?
I just got back from the egg farm. Bought 2 dozen eggs, 1 gallon of raw milk, 1 quart of colostrum & 1 whole chicken. Good eats!
And, I received my Matthew Gray Gubler limited edition t-shirt in the mail!

This day has been an annoying bust!!!!!! I did not get the tub conversion done. I can't get the old parts off! They are so rusted/corroded, plus I can't get the right pipe replacement thingies. When I did all the bathroom sinks after we moved in, I didn't have this much trouble! Plus, I had much more room to work. The under-tub access is tiny. So, I put everything back together & told my mom she has to wait until I can get the plumber to come next month some time. I'm done with the damn thing. Now, I have to take a bunch of pipe parts back to OSH tomorrow. I'm not going there again today ... Plus, I have so many cuts on my fingers from the metal pipe threads ... ouch. Feel like I'm getting poked by metal shavings.

Had bacon and scrambled eggs for lunch.

Too late & too warm to get started on any outside work today ... bummed.

Going to rub coconut oil on my hands, that should help.

Leg of lamb for dinner. And, my mom made a little coconut flour mini-cake out of leftover crepe batter that didn't work out. She didn't want to waste it, so this was the result. It was sooo good. She covered the top in cinnamon and a little honey. Mmmmmm.

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