Friday, July 13, 2012

July 13, 2012

The mini-heatwave is over. We had 3 days over 100F. Today should stay in the 90s.
Got 2 stores done yesterday and also stopped and bought more dvds. First season of White Collar and the Dresden Files series.
Then, went out to the farm and got a gallon of raw milk.
Today has been really busy. Martin (neighbor) & I got my old fence down! He was a great help. Salvaged part of it & he's going to use it to fence part of his yard by my driveway.
Took us about 2.5 hours.
Tomorrow, I'll be digging up the lily tubers, leveling the entrance & filling in the holes in the shed wall where the other gate was, so I can finally get the new gate made. Then, Sunday will be spent putting more slats in the chain-link fence along the back of the yard.
Just got finished freezing strawberries that I bought last week before they go bad. I would have done them sooner, but was dealing with that darn migraine & forgot about them.
Made a strawberry/banana smoothie for lunch.
Made more eggshell grit for the birds, too.

Hmm. Fire engine & ambulance about 5 houses down from us. Loaded an older lady in the ambulance. Never seen her before ...

It only got to 86F today! Big difference from the 103F yesterday! Nice.

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