Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

I am so sore and tired today. So, I didn't work on the gate. I went shopping. Bought the rest of the gate parts and 20 more brick edgers, solar lights, 4 hanging metal baskets with coir cloth in them, & a dwarf Meyer lemon tree!
Tomorrow, I need to go to WalMart to pick up my new computer & the dvd/vcr combo. Still waiting on the monitor, but it should arrive this week, too. Can't wait!!!

I need to make some sun tea! I need to buy more lemons tomorrow, so I can make lemonade, too. Can't wait until my new little lemon tree starts producing! Probably won't until next year, though.

Looks to be a long, busy day for me. I need to get 2 stores serviced; pay a couple of bills; go to WalMart; go to the co-op; do a bit more shopping for the yard. Looking for more wrought iron garden things. When I get home, I hope to get the new solar lights put together & also get my mom's new dvd/vcr combo hooked up in her room. And, make lemonade! Hope I can get it all done!

Well, I only got 1 store serviced. Took way too long. Got most of the above done, except for my mom's movie player & making lemonade. Will get to them tomorrow, hopefully. Found a cool, standing wrought iron wind chime for the yard.

Very windy today, so it's keeping the temps down nicely. Delta Breeze. Only 75F right now! Love it!

Eating white mulberries for the first time. They're not bad.

Weird weather. Saturday was 105F, yesterday 86 & today 76 was the high!

Western Scrub-Jay is Birds & Blooms Bird of the Month. We have quite a few regulars that visit our feeders.


Hmm. Can't log in to Facebook. I need to check on someone for an address. Guess I will have to wait until tomorrow & try to log-in with the new computer. I need to wipe this one back to factory settings soon. It's been sluggish lately.

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