Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012


National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
VALAE ZONORA YOUNG. Case Type: Endangered Missing. DOB: Aug 25, 1998, Sex: Female. Missing Date: Jul 17, 2012, Race: Black. Age Now: 13, Height: 5'4" (163 cm). Missing City: WINNETKA, Weight: 150 lbs ...
Easy day today. Just 1 quick store to service. A stop at the Post Office to mail the presents. Then to the co-op for a few things and to WalMart to get a wrought iron planter I saw the other day for the yard. After lunch, I will get those things painted that I didn't do yesterday.

It's another nice day. A bit warmer, though. It is 78F right now. But, I'm going out to get that painting done on the fence parts.

I got all the painting done, other than touch-ups when everything is soldered in place. I need to get a new can of paint. I emptied this one. Hammered in the posts and attached the spring to the gate; hope to get the soldering & attaching the caps to the posts this weekend. I still have to adjust the spring better, but it will work. Pulled some weeds and put in more slats on the back fence, too. A little at a time & it will all get done.

So, I need to get more paint, 2 more rebars for posts & probably more solder. I don't think I got enough for this project.

Now, I have to try to get spray paint off of my glasses ...

Luckily, it came off fairly easily. Not that I can see with them anyway! I need new glasses ...

Waiting for dinner & going through Twitter. Finding lots of articles to read! Tweeters have been busy! 
Huh. I think my main website has been hacked or something. I just contacted the host to see how to fix it. But, my page is just white with some gray logo on it. That is NOT my doing. I just tried to re-upload my index & it's still white. Not good ... 
Time for Criminal Minds!!

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