Thursday, July 19, 2012

July 19, 2012

I'm awake! Sort of. Don't want to be.
It's a very cloudy morning. Love it.

Well, I just did the fix for my website from the instruction my webhost sent me. Hope it works. It can take 1-24 hours to kick in. Will keep checking my site. Something with my IP address got messed up.

I'm now collecting all of the Supernatural books. I have the first one and it was good. Going to order 2 & 3 this afternoon from Amazon. Need to ask my mom which 2 books she wants next.

Sun is trying to come out now. Day's gonna heat up. Supposed to have another heatwave over the weekend ... weird temps. Up and down ... Sad because I was going to have a yard sale. The park allows a big yearly yard sale for everyone in the park & does the advertising. Don't know if I want to deal with the heat all day for that. We'll see.

I had really hoped my monitor would arrive by now, so I can set up my computer. It seems to be stuck in their Utah tracking facility for the past 3 days according to the tracking!!

I got home later than planned today, after servicing 2 stores & going to the farm for milk. Didn't even get any shopping done. Had some sprinkles going over the river into Sacramento County this morning. Didn't last long.

Going out now to put more slats on the back fence. It's 85F right now & sunny.

I finished the first 10-foot section of fence! And, got half its finish trim done at the top. It's looking good!! Emptied one package. Will get the other half of the finish trim done tomorrow & maybe start on the second package and the next 10 feet of fence. Looks like I will end up having to buy 2 more packs next month.
Another Saving Hope episode is on tonight. The things I do to see Michael Shanks on TV ...
I just ordered 5 books from Barnes & Noble. Used up most of an online gift card I earned on a survey last month.
My website is still not showing up!

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