Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

I was so tired most of yesterday. Didn't do much.
Today was exhausting, though. We've started servicing the sunglasses from the former 'rival' company that we bought out last year. So trying to get their neglected displays cleaned and straightened up & get all their backstock out on the displays. I did my first store today with that added load. I was there for more than 4 hours, when I am normally there maybe an hour. Shouldn't take so long in the future. But, I have 6 more to do this month.
I am off until next Monday, though. Taking the week off since Independence Day is in the middle of the week.
Going to pay bills tomorrow. And, hopefully, get my fence panels! That is my goal. I want to get half the yard fenced this week.
Been some interesting tidbits and articles on Twitter and Google+ today.

Anderson Cooper 'came out' publicly, even though most folks that are up on their gay culture already knew. I think it is a good thing, though:

Landreth Seed Company is sharing their Seed of the Day again! My Stupice Tomato has been producing all through June & currently has over a dozen ripening fruit on it. Tough little plant here in zone 9b, Yolo County, CA.

There's ANOTHER dog food recall:
So glad Nikky eats real food 90% of the time (other than Bench & Field's Holistic which we buy at Trader Joe's She had part of an organic lamb shank (meat and bone) today.

This is a cool infographic that Daniel Vitalis shared today:

Love this picture shared on Twitter:

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