Saturday, July 21, 2012

July 21, 2012

I have a headache. I closed up the yard sale at noon. It was a dud. Too hot. I made $7, though ... I now have the car loaded up to take a bunch of stuff to GoodWill on Monday. That will get rid of more than half of the stuff. I'm keeping just a few things to list in my online shops.
Nikky drove me nuts whining at the door the whole time I was outside!!

I did get the 2 plant hangers painted while I was outside, so that's good. Will put them up tomorrow. Oops. I forgot to close the shed door. Better do that, now.

I still haven't got my new monitor! Using my very old one & where I have it, it is hard to see without my glasses ... But, I am slowly moving things from my laptop to the new computer. I'm writing this with the new computer. Getting my Incredimail set up on it now.

Chris Colfer is one busy boy lately while promoting his new children's book, Land of Stories. He appeared on The View (among other places) this morning: Watch! Chris Colfer Talks Klaine Sex With The Ladies Of "The View"

Fire crews battle Yolo County wildfire
This is in my county, about 30 miles northwest of us.

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