Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

Still have a headache (luckily, not a migraine, but still annoying.) I'm hoping the GoodWill Express donation center is open today. I got notice that my monitor has finally arrived & there is no room in my little car for it!! Will have to rearrange a few things in the car and maybe make some room ...
Not having another yard sale today. I need to clean the doves' cages, hook up my mom's dvd/vcr, put up the plant hangers on the shed and hook up my new monitor!!!

Can't pick up the monitor until 10, so I have time to rearrange the car.

Dropped everything off at GoodWill & brought my new monitor home! I love it! Works perfectly. Next project: get a new camera!
Need to find something for lunch now and then hook up the player for my mom if she's done rearranging her room again. Don't think I'll get the plant hangers up today. Too hot out now.

Yay! My website - is back up!

Got the player hooked up in my mom's room and helped her move the recliner from the living room to her room. Not sure what the heck we're gonna do. But, it seems we are slowly moving everything out of the big living room to the doves' room and our bedrooms. It is way too hot in the living room in the summer and way too cold in the winter. We just can't enjoy being in that room year-round. The central heater/A/C just don't do much for that room.

Dinner will be late. Rotisserie chicken.
I was able to get into Facebook! I was for some reason locked out on my laptop and my tablet. Neither would accept my password! But, looks like I can access it on the new desktop.

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