Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 26, 2012

I've decided to take the day off. Not working until Monday. Have so much I want to get done in the yard. Still have to put up the plant hangers on the shed and solder the latch on the new gate!!

Having some problems with Twitter loading this morning ...

Time to go get gas, some cash, & go to the farm for milk. Need to stop at the store for a couple of things, too ...

Just got home from shopping, gassing up & getting milk. I almost forgot the milk in the car!
Looks like Twitter is back up.
Going to get to some email before I make lunch. Having Broiled Mozzarella Tomatoes Recipe 

Our water bill is sure high ...

Got the wrought iron plant hangers up on the shed. Looks pretty good. Will look even better once the shed is re-painted. But, that will be next year some time ... I also put together another plant stand (bought it today.) Need to paint the plant baskets that will be hanging on it. Tomorrow.
Didn't feel like going back outside to take a picture, so took this out my bedroom window next to my desk. I'll take a better pic tomorrow & of the new plant stand after I get the baskets done for it.
The wooden box is one of 3 old tomato crates I inherited. They were my grandfather's. I'm going to line them with coconut coir and plant some herbs in them, I think. The pool belongs to the neighbor.
Got a bunch of programs added to this computer that I use a lot on my laptop. Have 2-3 more that I need to install with the CD software. Will do that tomorrow.

Just rearranged part of my room so I could fit my office chair in here without hitting the wall and my big dresser. And, I can walk without tripping on things.

So sad to see this. Elk Grove police dog dies of apparent heart attack
Almost time for Saving Hope. Michael Shanks is the only reason I watch this thing.

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