Friday, July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

I woke up early again ...
Listening to more John Denver albums.
Have a lot to do outside. Want to paint the 4 baskets & plant the strawberry seeds that came with them. Paint the suet cage & put it up. Put up the clothesline. Work on the back fence slats. Weed. Put the gate latch together. Hope I can get to most of that!

Well, I got quite a bit done outside today. Got the strawberry baskets done & planted the seeds, as well as the suet cage. Got the clothesline up and the 2nd load of laundry is hanging. And, I finished the slats (except for weaving the top)! Still have to buy a couple more packs of those to finish our space. Tomorrow will have to be for the gate latch & weeding. My back is killing me!
 These are the hangers I put on the shed yesterday.
 The strawberry baskets I bought on clearance at Tractor Supply for .99c each, hanging on the plant stand I bought and put together yesterday. The fence is starting to look really good.
Finally! I bought the retractable clothesline last month. I've wanted one forever! It's up, now. A line of Nikky's blankets - Blue's Clues!
 Suet for the wild birds.
Future project. Trim the Ming tree so the branches don't rub on the house.

Whew! Wore myself out. Rearranged part of my closet and emptied the bin full of computer parts and my old printer. Hooked up the old printer to this computer so I can scan & copy stuff. The printer part is messed up.
Waiting for a Freecycler to come by & pick up all the plastic nursery pots we've collected the past 3 years.

Ugh. Apparently the Olympics is starting ... 

Just made an Incredimail stat with this image that I made as a header:
Gah. All that's on Twitter is Olympic Tweets. So boring!

Made another image for my Incredimail stationery.
And, another.

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