Saturday, July 28, 2012

July 28, 2012

I woke up very tired at 6 am ... still feel tired. But, lots to do outside again! And, need to clean the doves' cage later. And, need to rearrange their room.

I feel a headache coming ...

Trying to figure out how to get all the images on my computer to go into the rotating desktop program this computer has. Without having to move everything individually. It won't read into all of the folders they are in ... hmmm. Yep. I'll have to go folder-by-folder. Will do that another day, then.

Sucks that the Freecycle gal never showed up for the pots. They will go in the garbage on Monday if no one claims them this weekend ...

Took Nikky for a walk to the mailbox. Received one of the books I ordered from Barnes & Noble - a Brain Games puzzle book.

The fence-top weaving is done. So, nearly half of the back fence is complete with redwood-colored vinyl slats. Need at least 2 more packages to finish it off - hopefully when I get my oil check. Started getting the weeding done. Will take forever to dig down for all the rootlets. I hate Bermuda grass! I got about 1 square foot done ... I also did a load of wash that is hanging on the clothesline right now. Nikky spent the morning out with me. She had visits from Pookie (one of Martin's dogs) and Chewy (one of Kelly's dogs - other side of Martin.) & they sniffed happily at each other through the fence.

Just redeemed some points for a $25 gift card for Barnes & Noble from one of my survey companies. Wish it didn't take so long for them to send them, though. 8-12 weeks!

TRYING to get all my old mail off my laptop. I think it was good I got a new computer. The laptop is really acting up now. I definitely need to clean it out and put it back to factory settings somehow.

Damn! Demonoid was hit by a DDOS attack yesterday & is still down! I wanted to do a search there for a friend ... Will have to wait, obviously.

Got some things transferred out of my laptop email. This will take some time. I have hundreds of saved posts in there ... I will do one folder a day until it's empty or I will give up.

Olympics this, Olympics that ... yadda, yadda ...

Heating up my dinner & listening to more John Denver music. Love it.
Just took a couple of pics of Ezra to share with his first human mama (I still keep in touch with her & sadly his cat daddy recently died) & this was the best one.
The doves' room is a mess; it's also the exercise room. We are rearranging it tomorrow. Ezra is already supervising!

I should create something. But, I don't like any of the images I have saved ... Need to search.

Getting frustrated. Trying to buy some eBooks. I have a gift card and it is not being reflected in my total at checkout. I'm not going to go forward without the discount! Waiting for a response from their help team.

I'm already noticing it getter darker earlier now.

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