Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29, 2012

Waking up an hour early is really starting to irritate me ...

Don't know that I'll get much done outside today. Will probably just weed for an hour. I still have to get the doves' cages cleaned, vacuum & rearrange their room. We moved 2 dressers out of my mom's room and will be moving the Christmas barrels into her closet. The rest of the stuff in bins will be moved into the dresser drawers & the empty bins will go in the shed. I'm also going to move the internet modem & the phone into the room (from the living room) so they'll be more central for my wireless (& we'll be able to hear if the phone actually rings ...)

I need to figure out my pedometers. I have 2 of them that I've had for years sitting in a drawer because I could never figure them out!
Walked Nikky to the mailbox. Got one of the Supernatural books I ordered & one of my mom's books.

Got another square foot weeded; pulled up 3 more aggregate stepping stones (those suckers are heavy!); leveled 2 fence panels; leveled 3 decorative bricks. Done with outside for the day. Going to clean the doves' cage before lunch. Then rearrange their room after lunch.

Listening to more John Denver music now.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children »
EUNICE SERRATO. Case Type: Non Family Abduction. DOB: Mar 13, 1996, Sex: Female. Missing Date: Jul 28, 2012, Race: Hispanic. Age Now: 16, Height: 5'5" (165 cm). Missing City: SAN ARDO, Weight: 130 lbs...
Just made this silly caption:
Finally! Got the Dove/Exercise room done. NO more storage bins stacked against the walls! (Most of the yarn and other stuff went into the old dressers (they were my grandma's.) Left one drawer empty, as the phone is being moved in there (so Ezra won't be making any calls when we aren't looking - haha!) I'll be moving the cable modem & wireless router in there this week, too, so it is more central for the wifi to reach all the rooms and the deck. You can't see the doves' cage from this angle, but it is in the left corner.
I just love the sticky note program on this computer. I'm getting back into FlyLady (again!) and I have a note for each day of the week along the top of my big screen to keep track of my chores! Love it!

Still waiting on a fix for that book site that I had trouble with yesterday. They did respond that they are 'looking into it' this morning. Haven't heard back since, though. I have 11 ebooks sitting in the cart waiting to be bought! But, if it won't take my gift card, they can forget it.

Smelling the broccoli cooking. Mmmm. And sirloin!

I am stuffed!

I just finished this for the header on an Incredimail stationery.
The 'net sharing sites are so dead the past few days. I can't believe everyone I know/follow has been pulled into the Olympics. But, that's the only worldwide thing going on right now, really ... borrrrring.

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